No free Christmas presents from Walmart for would-be shoplifter

Woman tries to leave Norwalk store with cart filled with $600 of merchandise
Aaron Krause
Dec 26, 2012


A would-be Christmas Eve shoplifter didn't get far from Walmart.

At 4:14 p.m. Monday, Nikki VanWinkle, 27, of 10313 Frailey Road, Berlin Heights, was arrested after she allegedly attempted to push a shopping cart, filled with more than $600 in merchandise, out of the Norwalk store without paying.

VanWinkle was taken to the Norwalk Police Department, served with a summons for petty theft, given a court date and then released.





must have been so excited for Christmas, paying slipped her mind.


Did she think that they wouldn't notice or that they would just let her walk out and not stop her? Hope it was worth it!


The Salvation Army would of been more than happy to help. Could of contacted a sad. I thought anything over $500 was grand theft? Can anyone clarify?


People like this are not happy with what charity would give them. Oh no...they need the best electronics, game systems, phones, etc. I guess it is better to spend Christmas in JAIL than to admit you need help.


ladydye_5 you are so right!! Ungreatful, is that the word?

yogi bear

It changed to 1000.00 a couple of years ago in order to be grand theft.


a lesser charge because she was sorry she did it?


Typical Norwalk resident.....the slogan for this city should be.."Do I breath today?"


Nikki VanWinkle, 27, of 10313 Frailey Road, Berlin Heights


Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers! We have more surveillance cameras than you could imagine. Trying to steal our cheap Chinese stuff will just get you jail time. Have a great day! :)


@ Purplebonnie, the theft statute, as well as a number of others, was changed 2 years ago. Now it has to be more than 1k to be a felony.

Estrella Damm

I am sure that the ReFAILtor will report that she pleads innocent.


i guess her family wont be getting all those presents she promised them....


Sounds like someone was stuck on stupid!