Drunk baby-sitter, 17, found passed out with cold beer

Girl was baby-sitting two boys, ages 3 and 4, at Norwalk apartment when cops arrived.
Cary Ashby
Dec 23, 2012


A local teenager reportedly left the two young boys she was baby-sitting to get some beer from a male subject Saturday.

Norwalk police officers said they found the 17-year-old Norwalk girl passed out in an Old State Road apartment with a partially full beer can on the kitchen table in front of her.

"It was still cold to the touch," Chief Dave Light said.

And just before 7 p.m. Sunday, the girl was back at the police station.

"She bit someone," Light said.

"She's a frequent flier. We've spent a lot of time with her in the last few weeks," the chief said. "I know she's got some problems up in Erie County, too."

Light didn't know details about the Erie County circumstances, but said children services was involved in the case.

The intoxicated baby-sitting situation was reported to police at 9:59 p.m. Saturday.

The girl, who "lives there in the complex," was baby-sitting two boys, ages 3 and 4, while their "mother had stepped out for a while," Light said. It's unknown if the girl cared for the children earlier.

When the boys went to sleep, the girl went to a male neighbor's apartment, "got into some alcohol" and returned to the apartment, the chief said. Light said a male subject reportedly gave some beer to the baby-sitter, but he hadn't been charged as of press time.

"The neighbor was home," Light said. "(The boys) were sleeping while she was gone."

After police received the complaint, officers responded and found the girl passed out at the kitchen table.

"There was a 24-ounce beer can in front of her, with about a third of if remaining," said Light, adding the girl "obviously" drank several beers before officers found her.

"They couldn't get her to wake up. ... The concern there is when you find someone like that, there (could be) alcohol poisoning," the chief said.

North Central EMS was called to the Old State Road apartment. Light said paramedics were able to wake up the girl and transported her to Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

The girl's blood-alcohol content level tested at .079 percent, Light said. For comparison's sake, the legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.

"She has a history of substance abuse," Light said.

The girl was released to a parent at Fisher-Titus. The children were turned over to a biological parent.

Police forwarded a report to Huron County Children Services, the Huron County Prosecutor's Office and Huron County Juvenile Court.

After the suspected biting situation Sunday, the girl was transported from the station to the Seneca County Youth Center. She was expected to appear for a juvenile court hearing today.



yall make me sick,
just so you know, her mother is the one that call police & made a statement against her as i also did.. she just thinks rules don't apply to her.. her mom is tired of trying to show her the ropes.. the mother is giving her a wake up call ! mother 1 daughter 0


The mothers been teaching that child how to lie, manipulate, blackmail, and use sex to get what she want's since infancy. The mother is garbage and so are the rest of them. Pack sand Mike.


Goth I have seen that behavior first hand with this family, so sad that this child has so many problems. Why isn't the authorities doing anything about this? Surely other people have seen this to, like school officials, etc, etc...


Regardless of how sh*tty the mother and the juveniles behavior is, the bottom line is that a 3 year-old and a 4 year-olds lives were placed in danger because of the sitter's actions. Thank God nothing happened to them, and also thank God that idiot child was revived by paramedics. Hopefully THIS is the wake up call that juvenile needs to get her life in order. "Spare the rod and spoil the child" my foot, if that were me, my dad would have kicked my a** all the way around the block. And I wouldn't do it again because of my parents foot in my a**. Accountability and consequences, two words forgotten in todays juvenile system.

Lillie Chaos

Drugs and Alcohol. Thank heavens no one suffered this time. What a miserable existence this young person must have. What in the world was a parent thinking to let this person babysit her children?


sorry to tell you , but i don't drink with people under 21 ! don't think that would look good to my 16yr. old daughter,,but atleast my kids don't smoke,drink or do drugs and they have never disrespected me cause they would know they got their butts kicked when the doctor finds my shoe & not my sock ! and as far as this girl she knows her neighbor drinks she'll wait til he's out of the wheel chair & in bed napping that's when she helps herself.. plus the mother refused to let the court to have her come back home so she's locked up for her own good... you just don't attack your parents no matter how mad you are at them !! SO NO A** COVERING HERE

Lillie Chaos

I hope they keep her off the streets as long as possible. Pretty obvious this teen is going to make all the wrong choices so lock her up until she is socially capable of functioning in the world. Maybe we should have a drunk pound and call the drunk catcher when someone has drank themselves stupid. It would be a good break for the families -- let someone who really wants a drunk to adopt him and take him home. THAT'S it the new commissioners need to hire a drunk warden. Now where can we locate the pound to house the drunks until they get adopted?


@Mike; I find it hard to believe that this child just walked into someone else s home and took beer considering he sleeps on a bed right next to the front door. Whatever thou, the child will eventually tell the truth on all the adults and their wrong doings. I also heard it a little differently on the reason the child did not return home with her parents. Clearly when a child behaves like this it is a cry for help....Help to get out of a bad situation at home I would presume. My children used to play with this girl and I stopped that when I met the mother and step-father( or mom's boyfriend) it did not take a rocket scientist to figure out there is serious problems within this families home. Mom was crocked when I met her and the child was begging me to allow her to live with me and my kids because things were so bad at home and this was just within the last 2 months. I knew this child when she lived with her mom the last time and it was an awful situation for the child with her mother then. I clearly think the child does have to have consequences for her behavior, but she did not learn this behavior on her own. I was appalled to find out that the mother was actually encouraging this child to beat up another child at school and then the mother wants to be a victim when the child turns her aggressive behavior on her. I think this mother should be jailed with her daughter. Mike I do not know who you are but I believe you live in the apartments and are friends with the mother. You clearly are not the man I was introduced to as the step father or mom's boyfriend so why are you so invested in defending a worthless,clearly drug and alcohol using mother?


wrong i do not live there, i'm 4 miles away & i'm not defending the mother i'm sure she has given this child some bad advise and it has come back to haunt her.
i just don't believe anyone should ever put their hands on a parent no matter who they are...( friend or foe )i would even stick up for you if your kids did this too ! but this child thinks no one can tell her what to do and rules don't apply to her.while she was locked up i went through her room and found cigarettes,empty beer can, & some pills she stole from the man's apartment, which he id as his..also this child always cries wolf like she did to the police by saying i beat her up until he seen the bites on my hand & arm plus the claw marks on my face. she really needs mental help ! i'm not saying your wrong about her behavior,but we're only human & parents make mistakes too..i know i have and i sit my kids down and explain my faults.. guess i'm just glad my kids always get a hug & an I LOVE YOU ! every time i'm with them, and their 16yrs. & 29yrs. and i tell them this quote... YOUR DIRECTION IN LIFE IS BY THE DISSENSION'S YOU MAKE


Your not her parent, you have no right to go through her things (rifling through her undies and what-not). And, it's decisions, not dissensions.


guess what i know who you are now ! you pervert, and just so you know the mother told me to go through her room.. so keep you nose on your face FU-K HEAD !


Geese, if I had a dime for every time somebody said they knew who I was on this site, I'd have about $12 bucks, but I know who you are Ozzy, and I have never liked you. Why don't you keep your nose on your face and stop interfering with that woman and her child. They could probably get the help they need to work through their problems if it wasn't for self-absorbed twits like you getting in the middle of it all. How dysfunctional is the mother to let a twit go through her daughters things rather than do it herself. You aught to watch your mouth there Ozzy, thats just not polite to swear at folks.


AWWW ! now my heart is broken, NOT ! do you like anyone besides your self-centered ego ? and to ease that big head of your's which supports your very large mouth, the mother was there with me in her room... get your facts right !


I do not know either one of you but it does seem odd to me that the parent would ask someone else to toss their child's room. Why would the parent not do it themselves? Did they know what was going to be found already before they asked you to do that? It seems like there might be more going on here, like the parent knew this was going on. I have teenagers and I would never ask someone else to toss their room, I would and have done it myself. Thank God my children have never behaved like this and both are college bound, but I also have always made sure I taught my children right from wrong. I have never used my children to do my bidding, unlike this child's parent. I will re-iterate that I believe this child should be punished for her behaviors, but I also believe it is very sad for her that lack of guidance and proper parenting has gotten this child to this point. Why so much anger at her mother? That certainly tells a story all in itself? That much anger and rage does not just come from a child because a parent wont let a child do whatever they want, there is definitely more to that than maybe even you know Mike. I guess what I am saying is our children look to us as their role models, they mimic what we teach them.


i do believe you might have something there & i may not know the whole story. but i do know that her behavior flips from sweet to evil at the drop of a dime ! and the reason the mother wanted me to check her room is she kept finding cigarette butts outside her window, that's when i found them taped to the dresser along with the pills she stole... let's hope she gets the help she needs.. plus i'm with you about parenting my kids have never disrespected me like this child has her mother