Drunk baby-sitter, 17, found passed out with cold beer

Girl was baby-sitting two boys, ages 3 and 4, at Norwalk apartment when cops arrived.
Cary Ashby
Dec 23, 2012


A local teenager reportedly left the two young boys she was baby-sitting to get some beer from a male subject Saturday.

Norwalk police officers said they found the 17-year-old Norwalk girl passed out in an Old State Road apartment with a partially full beer can on the kitchen table in front of her.

"It was still cold to the touch," Chief Dave Light said.

And just before 7 p.m. Sunday, the girl was back at the police station.

"She bit someone," Light said.

"She's a frequent flier. We've spent a lot of time with her in the last few weeks," the chief said. "I know she's got some problems up in Erie County, too."

Light didn't know details about the Erie County circumstances, but said children services was involved in the case.

The intoxicated baby-sitting situation was reported to police at 9:59 p.m. Saturday.

The girl, who "lives there in the complex," was baby-sitting two boys, ages 3 and 4, while their "mother had stepped out for a while," Light said. It's unknown if the girl cared for the children earlier.

When the boys went to sleep, the girl went to a male neighbor's apartment, "got into some alcohol" and returned to the apartment, the chief said. Light said a male subject reportedly gave some beer to the baby-sitter, but he hadn't been charged as of press time.

"The neighbor was home," Light said. "(The boys) were sleeping while she was gone."

After police received the complaint, officers responded and found the girl passed out at the kitchen table.

"There was a 24-ounce beer can in front of her, with about a third of if remaining," said Light, adding the girl "obviously" drank several beers before officers found her.

"They couldn't get her to wake up. ... The concern there is when you find someone like that, there (could be) alcohol poisoning," the chief said.

North Central EMS was called to the Old State Road apartment. Light said paramedics were able to wake up the girl and transported her to Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

The girl's blood-alcohol content level tested at .079 percent, Light said. For comparison's sake, the legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.

"She has a history of substance abuse," Light said.

The girl was released to a parent at Fisher-Titus. The children were turned over to a biological parent.

Police forwarded a report to Huron County Children Services, the Huron County Prosecutor's Office and Huron County Juvenile Court.

After the suspected biting situation Sunday, the girl was transported from the station to the Seneca County Youth Center. She was expected to appear for a juvenile court hearing today.



she was probably playing drunk with a .079. Or she took some pills and really was passed out..haha good ole Norwalk!! Glad I am where I am today!


You must know her Mommy cause you hit the nail on the head with the comment you made about the pills. Actually her Mommy's drug of choice is pot.


sadly, no surprises. it's everywhere too..


she must be new to drinking? to be out COLD so that cops couldnt wake her....he BAC wasnt THAT high?


Did she have a fresh bullet hole in her foot???


Nah. This is Norwalk, not Willard. The cops here actually USE the gun range!


Give willard credit, they skipped the range and started to USE the guns on people......now that chief holden knows his guys are not gun shy, he can invest some range time so the opposite end of the body gets hit next time!

believe it

Norwalk cops should just shoot her too, save the world of these druggies and idiots. Start making the world a better place one person at a time.


send her to willard..


For target practice??


yeah! but seriously, police everywhere have a tough bit. everyday we read about the kinds of situations they have to deal with and the "wonderful" people they encounter in the course of their duties. i wouldn't want that job. those who will do the job are brave women and men and have earned my respect.


Anyone know where I can find a babysitter?

Kottage Kat


Richard Cranium

She will be a future cheap date.


After probation, though. Till then, she won't be able to associate with some folks! Merry Christmas!


yeah, at least she works. she can buy the beer..


My question is, what are they doing to the male that gave her alcohol and is there some form of innapropriate relasionship between the two? If this is the teenager I think it is, she gets arrested about once a week, no lie.


Good question Goth. I think he should be charged as well. This young lady needs to held accountable for her choices and actions, but so should the adults that continue to allow this behavior from her with no consequences. This family certainly keeps the drama going over here in our corner of Norwalk.

Paranoid Illusion

Choose your sitters wisely...


I know who this girl is. Her biggest problem is her mother's lack of parenting skills. She probably was drugged up from drugs she got from her mother and the beer was just a chaser. Everyone knows this girl has problems especially in that apartment complex, so why would anyone let her watch over defenseless little children? They all need their heads checked.


i know the whole family, and this girl dose what she wants even under house arrest plus i'm the one she bit for trying to stop her from attacking her mom and breaking things in the house, all because her mother caught her stealing a cigarette. as for the neighbor he was napping and she stole the beer he woke up and caught her as he was calling the mother she grabbed his cell and broke it.so it's not the mothers skills, it's the child she's mental !! so get it right !! or don't comment.....


Mike, I think I got it right. The only time this mother disciplines this child or tries to show her the ropes so to speak is when the child acts out against her or her friends. When the child is acting out against others, others that mommy doesn't like, Mommy encourages her disrespectful behavior. If Mommy is trying so hard to teach her right from wrong, why does she lie and cover for her daughters bad behaviors?


True. Her moms on facebook talking trash to minors saying her daughter will beat them up, and calling them wh*res, and all kinds of stuff. I knew I knew who they were.


So the list of offenses is as follows: Burglary, Criminal Damaging, Assault, Felonious Assault, Child Endangering (possibly a felony), Underage Consumption, Trespassing, and Public Drunkenness (possibly for being at the neighbors home passed out). Does that about sum it up there Mike?


Now, my other question is, how did she end up back at the neighbors house passed out at the table with half a beer? That seems like a time gap. Why didn't the guy with the broken cell phone go over to her mothers, why didn't someone call police sooner. In addition, why did this girl think it was ok to help herself to this guy's beer and, how did she know he had beer in his apartment?


I'll tell ya what it looks like to me; All you guys are over there partying with a 17 year-old girl and now that the sh*ts hitting the fan your all trying to cover your a**es, even her mother.


Permanent birth control..

Yall Make Me Sick

So she is 17 going on 18 which means almost an adult. Well she wants to play adult sentence her like one. Give her time to serve. If the state don't show her any rules & regulations don't sound like the parent(s) will or do either!


The problem is the family has open cases in Erie County and CPS is involved, CPS sweeps everything under the carpet and makes excuses for everything that family does. Drug use, inappropriate and often illegal sexual relationships, criminal behavior, and etcetera.


Amen Yall Make me sick!!!!! Could not agree more.