Man with knife threatens to kill wife

'We would have been justified to shoot him,' policeman says; Suspect taken to psychiatric hospital after police were forced to subdue him.
Cary Ashby
Dec 24, 2012


A Norwalk man accused of threatening to kill his wife was transported to a Toledo psychiatric hospital after police were forced to subdue him with a pepperball gun.

Larry W. Boggs, 56, of 28 Grand Ave., was charged with domestic violence and aggravated menacing. He was arrested after about a 10-minute standoff with the Norwalk Police Department in a bedroom Friday.

"He wanted the officers to shoot him," Sgt. Jim Montana said about Boggs, who was armed with a steak knife with a 4 1/2-inch long blade.

Boggs reportedly got off the bed and threatened police with the knife, Montana said, which forced officers to use a pepperball gun and pepper spray on him.

"If we hadn't done that, we would have been justified to shoot him," he said referring to situation known as "suicide by cop."

Montana said a pepperball gun is the equivalent of a high-powered paintball gun, which shoots marble-sized pellets and results in a non-lethal combination of pain and incapacitation.

"It would be the same type of application as pepper spray or a Taser," he said.

Police were summoned to 28 Grand Ave. at 4:19 p.m. and arrived four minutes later. Boggs was holding a knife to his 54-year-old wife and threatened to kill her, Capt. Dave Smith said.

"As officers arrived, the wife was able to escape the bedroom when the dispatcher asked to speak with the husband on the phone," Smith said.

"Officers confronted the subject -- (who was) still in the bedroom and still armed -- who threatened to kill them with the knife. The man also demanded they not enter the room and leave the room immediately," he wrote.

Police were at the scene for about one hour and 45 minutes.

After the incident, North Central EMS transported Boggs to Fisher-Titus Medical Center for the treatment of minor injuries, which police said was from the impact of the pepperballs. A mental health professional evaluated the man and he later was transported to the Northern Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.

The victim, according to Smith's report, was reluctant to sign the domestic violence packet. Montana said the woman was not injured.

Police sent the report to the Norwalk Law Director's Office for the consideration of charges.


Simple Enough II

Well the Holiday season is in full swing!

Simple Enough II

Well the Holiday season is in full swing!

Simple Enough II

Well the Holiday season is in full swing, look all the wondeful family tales told by all!


so much in full swing we need a triple post?




i want laws! i demand lots and lots of laws to, you know, make it illegal to use those assault knives on people and stuff..


Because he had a knife, the police officers were able to overpower him and no one was killed. If this man had an assualt rifle, his wife, the officers and probably the neighbors would all be dead.


Just what is an "assault rifle" ? Not everyone with a rifle KILLS people. And if he did have a GUN.....the police could have just SHOT him dead. No loss on me. The man sounds like he had a death wish. I sleep very peacefully and soundly at night knowing there are GUNS in my house and my hsuband is properly trained to use them. NOT EVERYONE WITH A GUN KILLS PEOPLE. The gun issue, the "assault rifle" issue and the BAN GUNS issue is getting very old. You can hide your head in the sand and pray for a cop to answer your call for help in the time of crisis, I will sleep better tonight knowing my husband has a gun in the nightstand.


If there is a gun in the house and multiple people live there, EVERYONE in that house should be trained on using them.


I SO AGREE WITH ladydye_5


In your opinion. And opinions are like rectums, everyone has one.


a very likely possibility, as it seems that THIS individual had bad intent.


one 9 shot gun with multiple magazines would do the same. im just having a little fun, dont wanna debate. it seems we can't enforce the laws that we have now. i doubt new laws would help nor would they be enforcable.

Dr. Information

@ehovemom......explain to me exactly what an assault rifle is without googling it. Give us all a good break down of what you think it is, not what you can find on the internet.

Dr. Information



Need to show some Willard cops how to use these pepper ball guns for the next time they are "charged" by dogs.