Fleeing shoplifter arrested

Suspect fled Walmart in red Ford Mustang.
Cary Ashby
Dec 24, 2012


A Berlin Heights man was arrested shortly after he was accused of shoplifting some playing cards Thursday.

Nicholas R. Judge, 20, of 4814 E. Ohio 133, had turned in several packs of Yugio playing cards at the request of Walmart loss prevention officials, but police said he fled the scene in a red Ford Mustang.

Walmart employees accused Judge of attempting to shoplift the playing cards. Employees called the Norwalk Police Department at 4:20 p.m.

"Loss prevention employees confronted him as he left the store and demanded the merchandise back. The subject turned over the stolen merchandise, then fled the scene when Walmart called the police," Capt. Dave Smith said in his report.

Responding officers located and stopped the Mustang on Milan Avenue near the Republic Street intersection.

Judge was charged with misdemeanor theft, transported to the station and released on a summons with a court date.



Yugio cards? Really? Get a life dude!


I thought a person actually had to leave the store with merchandise in order to be considered stolen items? Am I mistaken?

Dr. Information

Ummm unless I read it wrong. He left the store and was confronted.