Woman pleads innocent to burglary

Suspect accused of making multiple trips to victim's home, trying to steal drugs.
Cary Ashby
Dec 22, 2012


A burglary defendant was arraigned Thursday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Carrie S. Waldron, 32, of 6101 Zenobia Road, Wakeman, pleaded innocent and received a March 26 trial date. The burglary charge is a fourth-degree felony in connection with an Oct. 23 incident.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Bill Duncan earlier interviewed Waldron. Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler has said the defendant "made some admissions" about making "a couple trips" into the victim's home and trying to steal some drugs.

Waldron is out on a $10,000 bond. If convicted, she faces six to 18 months behind bars and a maximum fine of $5,000.



Wow Carrie. I knew you when you were a kid...how far you've fallen.


So how do you admit to making a couple trips into a persons house to steal things and then plead innocent? Another worthless pos scum that should go to jail.


"Innocent"? I don't think that is even an acceptable options. There is Guilty, Not Guilty, No Contest, then things like a Alford Plea, but I don't think "Innocent" is an option. You can CLAIM innocence, but I don't believe it is an acceptable "Plea". Also, this may be a tough case to prove, too, depending on the circumstances. For instance, if she didn't actually take anything AND was an invited guest, it would be hard to prove burglary. For Burglary to be a valid charge, according to the ORC, she would have to commit Trespass. As long as she didn't deceive the property owner or resident to get invited in, such as being a longtime friend who was welcome on numerous occasions over time, the element of Trespass couldn't be established. Without Trespass, there is no Burglary. She may be guilty of theft or attempted theft, but it looks like they are going for a more spectacular crime, or one with a tougher sentence. Just my opinion based on the plethora of information given in the headline and story.
Uput... she may be pleading Not Guilty to a Burglary charge, not saying she didn't intend to take something at some point. If she is guilty, I agree she should should "pay the fine", but for the appropriate crime, based on the law.


Confused. So you are saying if a person breaks into their friends house to steal drugs but gets caught they aren't guilty?


No. What I said was, that if she was invited in, Burglary is not the proper charge. She MAY be pleading "innocent" (on a lawyer's advice) because the element of trespass may not be there, which is required for the charge of Burglary. In the old days, a Burglary was defined as "breaking and entering of an occupied dwelling in the night season." They have reworded things over time, but the "trespass" element is still required for that charge to be proper. If she was invited in by any means other than trickery or deceit, a tresspass might not have occurred. I was just differentiating that point. If she was invited in, but still had the plan of stealing the drugs, attempted theft or theft might apply, but not burglary. If she tricked her way in, then Burglary could apply because of the "trespass" element. The article says she admitted to making a couple trips in, but NOT that she admitted "breaking in." I'm sorry I got this far into this fine point in the law. My goal was to show that Burglary may not be the proper charge, so her NOT GUILTY plea would be appropriate. YES, if she stole something, she should be punished. IF she broke in or tricked her way in, she should be punished for that as well, but with the proper charge for all the conditions (elements) they can prove. Otherwise, the prosecutor may be grandstanding (which never happens in Huron county), or attempting to get her to plead guilty to a lesser charge, so they won't have to go to trial, where either side may or may not be able to convince a jury of all the finer points of the law. I don't want criminals to go free. I want them to be charged, prosecuted, convicted, and punished properly is all. We are a nation of laws, not men, and need to apply the law equally and fairly to all. I apologize for the long posts. I just want things to make sense. Merry Christmas!


Hmmm. Well, I guess I am of the opinion that if you go into someone's house when they aren't home and you are looking to steal drugs from them and you have admitted to doing it several times then you are guilty of a crime. I don't know, call me crazy but I'm just sayin!


"when they aren't home" How you would know, based on the article above, that they weren't home? Nowhere in the article is that stated. That was the sole basis for my initial post. I agree with every other point you make, but her "confessions" do not say the residents weren't home. If so, why would it take multiple trips in to find them (drugs)? There would only be a few places to check, and it shouldn't take much time. It seems more likely she couldn't get access BECAUSE someone was there.


Wow. That's even better. To be going into someone's house while they are home to steal from them. That reminds me of the girl that died of an overdose in jail. The one that swallowed the diamond ring that was stolen from her neighbor while she was home sleeping. Just goes to show the level of class these addicts are and emphasizes my opinion on where they need to be.


send her to the bath house..

I need serenity

Wow! I would've never imagined this from you Carrie. I hope you didn't do all of this.

Estrella Damm

Failreflector and the innocent pleads. Lulz.