Huron County residents drinking less booze, buying fewer vehicles

Sales tax has strong 2012
Scott Seitz2
Dec 21, 2012


Huron County has completed a strong year in the sales tax collection department.

Auditor Roland Tkach's year-end numbers showed about $8.41 million in sales tax was collected in 2012 -- about $310,000 more than the previous year.

A story about the numbers was published in Friday's Reflector.


Swamp Fox

zippy bozo, since you now have admitted your moron status. Let me get this straight, if the goverment taxes it, we should use it excessively for no other reason than to increase goverment revenue. If we drink to much booze, smoke to many cigarettes and drive more than necessary, that's good in your little mind. You really should join the Obama economical team.
Your Depends must be in more than a bunch...


Swamp Scum writes:

"If we drink to much booze, smoke to many cigarettes and drive more than necessary,"

Got a "to" and "too" problem?

Above sentence should be "too," not "to."

I fully understand the temperance argument Carrie Nation, unfortunately it doesn't jive with reality.

Not-to-worry, like I said: Ohio will probably change the liquor laws in the 22nd Century.

You can unbunch your polka dot panties on this subject until then.

Just make sure that you vote for every local tax increase to help pay for public benefits and services, since putzes like you are bereft of any "tax expansion" ideas.

BTW little buckaroo: Did you see the Fri. print edition of the NR? They published your moronic whiny response to my argument.

Swamp Fox

zippy bozo so glad the staff allowed you internet excess on a weekend. Your support for increased alcohol consumption must indicate your own personal issues, that would explain your irrational rants.

You do seem to be somewhat of a stalker, with your interest in my underwear, sorry to disappoint you, but I am not part of that team like you appear to be..........


@ Swamp Sludge:

Appears to take you a lot of typing to “no longer directly reply too or debate,” :)

Swamp Fox

zippy bozo, The Stalker...


@ Swamp Stench: an intellectual challenge you failed to make the cut a while back.

Have a nice day.