Suicide support group formed

Huron County has a suicide rate of 14 per every 100,000 persons.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 25, 2012


Every 40 seconds someone in the world dies by suicide. Every 41 seconds someone is left to make sense of it.

Beginning in January, North Central Survivors of Suicide Support Group (NCSOS) will meet at Mercy Willard Hospital in Willard. NCSOS is an exclusively peer-led suicide survivors support group. While there are other support groups that meet in several local cities, none are completely peer-led. The significance and benefit of such a group are that each facilitator shares with the members a common bond of losing a loved one to suicide, as well as providing a consistent, long-term network of support for survivors.

The purpose of NCSOS is to share the experiences related to coping as a survivor of a loved one's suicide, as well as provide a safe environment where members can express the wide range of emotions associated with the loss. As a group facilitated by other survivors, giving professional advice and counseling services are strictly prohibited, though there will be resources readily available to survivors in need of professional services. NCSOS will partner with local mental health professionals several times a year having professionals as guest speakers at meetings. They will provide timely information to the group on subjects such as coping with grief, surviving the holidays, and specific suicide-related topics.

North Central Survivors of Suicide was jointly founded by Monica Kovacs and daughter, Jynelle Rex, to help others suffering with the loss of loved ones after the death of their husband and father, James (Jeff) Kovacs. Following his passing in 2009, Mrs. Kovacs found tremendous support from a similar group just before relocating back to Willard. Together, they will strive to bring hope and comfort to survivors in and around Huron County. According to the Ohio Suicide Prevention website (, the statistics for Huron County are as follows:

* Huron County has a suicide rate of 14 per every 100,000 persons.

* Huron County is higher than the national average of 11.5 per every 100,000 persons.

* Huron County ranks 20 out of 88 Ohio counties with 1 being the county with the highest suicide rate.

* 76.9 percent of suicides are male.

* In Huron County, the 85-plusage group has the highest suicide rate.

The support group will meet the first and third Monday of every month, beginning Jan. 7 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in Schaffer Conference Room 1 at Mercy Willard Hospital, located at 1100 Neal Zick Road, Willard.

NCSOS is listed on the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( and the American Association of Suicidology ( websites under the support group categories. A Facebook group has also been created for members to stay informed on upcoming events and can be found at Any questions or concerns can be sent to the group's email address: or by writing NCSOS, P.O. Box 351, Willard, OH 44890.




I applaud the efforts of those founding this support group. These folks may never get to know the real reason why something happened, because they can't ask the one person who did know. However, I DO take exception to the statistics quoted in the article. "According to the Ohio Suicide Prevention website (, the statistics for Huron County are as follows:" The statistics they provide in text do not match what they provide on their own website. I checked for numerouse counties, and they just don't match. The statistic for Huron and Seneca counties both show the 85+ age bracket as having the highest rate, but according to the spreadsheet they provide for the newest year reported, 2010, NO county had that age bracket as highest. Neither Seneca OR Huron county reported a suicide in that age bracket for 2010. Also, I would like to see ratios for the given counties based on actual populations, since many counties don't even have 100,000 residents. Scott, I know your name is on the article, and that they probably just gave you a few lines of text and a website. I would ask, for the sake of journalistic integrity, that you would do a bit more fact-checking before publishing. See if the data match the textbox statements. Thank you, and my condolences and best wishes for those trying to cope.


There has been a suicide survivors support group at Sheri's coffee house in Norwalk for the last year. They meet on Thursday nights at 6:00pm every week.OPEN to ALL. These groups have been needed in this area for a long time ALL MUST HEAL.


scooter58 - I am the one that wrote this article (Jynelle Rex) and those stats were taken verbatim from the website cited. Is the issue with the website not having correct stats? I will search and see if there is contact email on that website and pass along your thoughts. Thank you for taking to time to read this.


grandpa4life - When I researched support groups online, I was not able to find the one at Sheri's coffeehouse. Have you considered publicizing it on the web so people can find it when they are searching for one? Also, is your support group peer-led or is it professionally led? That was the only distinction I was making in the article -- that according to my research, there were no other strictly peer-led support groups in the area. I am so glad to hear there is a group in Norwalk helping those in need.


Scooter58 - This is the page with the stats: