Woman shot as cops fire at charging pitbulls

Dog also shot during warrant-related shooting in Willard.
Cary Ashby
Dec 21, 2012


A woman sustained a minor injury when her foot was shot as police used a search warrant Wednesday afternoon. Two Willard men were arrested on felony drug charges.

The 19-year-old Toledo woman was hit in the foot by a bullet about the time officers fired at two charging pitbull dogs, police said. The incident happened at 1:58 p.m. at 631 Pleasant St., Willard.

"No one was killed. It was a minor injury," Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said.

Willard EMS transported the woman to Mercy Willard Hospital, where she was treated and released. Police, citing the ongoing investigation, declined to name the woman.

"We aren't sure what her role is. She needs to be interviewed," Holden said.

An officer who fell as the dogs charged also went to Mercy Willard for treatment. Police also declined to release his name.

When police arrived at 631 Pleasant St. to use the warrant, a male subject saw them and ran into an apartment.

"As he opened the door, two large pitbulls ran from the apartment and charged the officers (who) were pursuing the resident," Holden said.

"As the dogs approached the officers, one officer fired his weapon at the animals and fell as he was trying to retreat. Other officers also fired as the dogs charged the fallen officer," he said.

A Church Street resident who lives about a half block away saw police arrive.

The man, who declined to be identified, said he "heard gun shots automatically" after the officers got out of their vehicles. He estimated the officers fired multiple shots no more than 15 seconds after their arrival.

"And all of a sudden a loud scream," the man said.

One of the dogs was hit and later captured by the Huron County Dog Warden's Office. It was released and transported to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

The witness said he thought police shot both dogs and the woman ran away.

Kyle E. Zarcone, 19, of 309 Dale Ave., and Anthony R. Hicks, 19, of 607 Pleasant St., were arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail. Zarcone was charged with possession of a controlled substance and Hicks was charged with trafficking in marijuana.

Police reported seizing unspecified "evidence indicative of drug trafficking" and a safe. Officers expect to use a search warrant on the safe later.

Willard is handling the ongoing drug investigation.

Holden called in the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) to handle the shooting investigation. He said his department will remain "hands off."

"They're going to figure out what happened," Holden said about BCI.





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Thought u didnt know her and she wasnt ur family?

Mr. Touchdown

Imo...Bringing the dog warden in to "handle" the dogs would be like peeing in the wind!I couldn't get him to do anything regarding problems I had with a neighbor's pit-bull running loose & attacking my dog several times!My tax $ paying his wages & when I have a problem I get no help!Thanks...now I know who not to call!
The Willard Police on the other hand...I know 1st hand they wouldn't shoot a dog without just cause!It was like pulling teeth getting them to finally do something about the pit-bull I had problems with.Laws in place & no-one wants to enforce them.There's no reason why Willard can't have an ordinance against pit-bulls like Norwalk does.Not all the dogs are bad when raised by a responsible owner but when you have a dog bred for fighting owned by some piece of trash...That's when we are gonna have problems...whether it be someone's child or dog getting mauled/killed or just extra bs for the cops to deal with!They have enough on their plate with all the druggies & thieves in town without having to worry about someone's vicious dog. And the dogs shoulda' been tasered? I've seen that done & I've also seen the cops chase the same dog that was shot with a taser 2 times all over town because it didn't go down.Makes me wonder why we even have a dog warden.


This is all funny.