Woman shot in Willard

Woman sustains minor injury in Pleasant Street, Willard, shooting incident Wednesday afternoon.
Cary Ashby
Dec 20, 2012


A woman sustained a minor injury during a shooting incident on Pleasant Street in Willard when police used a search warrant.

The incident happened about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday. Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation will be handling the investigation, while his department will remain "hands off."

"No one was killed. It was a minor injury," he said.

Read Friday's Reflector for the full story.



In other words, "oops, sorry ma'am."


Yea sounds like a police shooting to me. Sounds like a accident but I guess if it was me I wouldn't think that. Smells like a cash settlement.


They had guns drawn to execute a search warrant?!? WOW

Dr. Information

The usual posters. Assuming they know everything.


Uh yeah doc. It's in the register already. Shot an innocent bystander in the foot


Since when does willard pd have use real guns..lol and even though it was more than likely their mess up Huron county is corrupt from police to judicial system nothing gonna come out from this!!!

Dr. Information

Well here is a real piece on proper English for you all.....Merry Christmas

Yall Make Me Sick

I guess you shouldn't be selling drugs or in the middle of a drug bust & these things wouldn't happen. Learn to mind your own business & these things wouldn't happen. The End


It was probably hittheroadjack learning how to work the safety.


According to the Sandusky Register woman was a bystander and was shot by officer as he was shooting at a charging pitbull.


Sadly, but in typical fashion, the WHOLE story hasn't been told, YET!...Lets hope tomorrows news is more detailed, and accurate.
I, for one, want to see the WPD admit that it was one of their own, who shot this young lady in the foot...(never mind the fact that one of their own, shot himself in the leg two years ago) The story has made headline news, but they left out "MINOR DETAILS".
I'm curious to know if tomorrows story will tell us that she was already laying face down, in cuffs with an officer on her back,
(not under arrest) as she had been instructed to do so when she was shot!... But It was just a "MINOR INJURY"...OH REALLY? Cracked bone, bullet fragment lodged in bone, surgery to repair damage, and off work 6-10 wks without pay...MINOR INJURY eh? ...The WPD were shooting @ two scared dogs, who happened to escaped out of an open door that the young ladies friend was coming out of...The dogs were not ordered to attack, they were behaving as any scared dog would, and their instints was to run and hide!
I'd like to know the last time this officer took his annual handgun qualification and where in the state did he qualify?...I'm sure his test results would show his accuracy was WAY OFF!...Or perhaps he hasn't had his sidearm out of his holster since last time he qualified?..Makes one really wonder about "Oath & Honor"...Will this officer hold himself accountable for his actions?...And what about public trust?


Public trust I pretty sure there are a lot of people who have very little trust in Willard Police department!! I do feel sorry for young lady who was at wrong place wrong time!


Yes police do have guns drawn on a search warrant. Inside are morons and criminals. paaaze sounds like she was there. Was she charge and out already? Two pit bulls running scared, who are you kidding. Like I said sounds like you were there but probably weren't. You made up your own story or it's as you heard it three people down the road. Must be a Willard resident.


Sounds like she picked a bad day to buy heroin.

believe it

Hey I've got an idea, don't be hanging out with druggies at a drug house and you wouldn't get shot. And for the people who owned the house getting the search warrant used on, stop selling drugs and maybe you wouldn't have to be worrying about this happening in the first place? I'm laughing at the people actually sticking up for these people, the cops were using a search warrant for a reason! Damn losers.


My thoughts exactly!

proud mother of 3

You want to know what kills me, the article on this was so dense and without any information about the police man who shot the unarmed woman. If that would have been the other way around it would have been a page long with info. I wonder why the cops name was withheld, and why there was no facts on the raid? Maybe because a law suit is in motion? I hope the WPD gets sued and he gets repromended as a civilian would if they shot someone, accident or not! Yes, we should hold our law enforcement at a higher level and things like this should not happen regardless of who or what is in the picture. There is not one person on here that would like their loved one shot, let alone by our law enforcment. And yes the huron Cty law and judicial system is corrupt all the way down the line, but lets see them corrupt their way out of this one!I for one cant wait to see the judgement awarded in this one!!!!!

Lillie Chaos

This is just unbelievable.

"No one was killed. It was a minor injury,"

Guns don't kill people......PEOPLE kill people. MINOR INURY????? She was shot!


You can't outlaw STUPID. Stupid people shoot others "accidently". There are FOUR rules to handling firearms. One of them is, "Know your target and what's behind (or near) it." Another is, "NEVER point your muzzle at anything you aren't willing to DESTROY." (For her to be shot, the muzzle MUST have been pointed at her.) Apparently, BOTH of these rules were broken in this instance. She is just fortunate that it wasn't more severe, as in fatal. I would HOPE that there would be some remedial safety training involved here, along with some proficiency practice and requalification. If the weapon was already drawn, all he had to do was aim BEFORE pulling the trigger. Admittedly, I wasn't there, but I know that at least one of the four rules has to be broken for bad things to happen with firearms. They don't just "go off" if they aren't handled (improperly). Best wishes for a speedy recovery AND settlement!


Let the chips fall where they may. True, she will no doubt get a nice settlement...enough money to maybe buy, oh..I don't know..more drugs.
But the sad truth is...Do Not Think for one minute..any of you reading, or posting these comments on here are Immuneto the drug problem, whether it be in Willard, Norwalk, Bellevue, or any othe little country crossroad you drive by. Each and every one of you, no matter how rich you are, how poor you are, live in the country, or the cute little sub-division, either has someone in your family, or you know someone that does drugs in one form or another. If you say no..well..you are in denial and simply lying to yourself....stop bitching about it and help solve the problem if you want to make a difference.