Bartender sent to jail after serving at least 24 shots of alcohol to same person

Young man who was admitted into intensive care with alcohol poisoning following night of drinking at Regal Beagle Bar.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 19, 2012


A bartender charged with serving a 21-year-old at least 24 shots of alcohol was sentenced Monday in Hardin County Municipal Court.

Joseph L. Jarvi, 33, was charged in October with furnishing intoxicating liquor to an intoxicated person at Cribley Enterprise Inc., also known as the Regal Beagle Bar. He was sentenced to five days in jail with four days suspended, a $200 fine, 16 hours of community service and six months of probation.

The owner of the bar, Richard L. Cribley, 61 was also charged with sale or furnishing intoxicating liquor to an intoxicated person. Cribley is scheduled to appear in court in March 2013. The bar is located at 103 – 107 N. Main Street in Ada.

The month-long investigation by Ohio Investigative Unit agents began when OIU was contacted contacted by Ada Police about a young man who was admitted into intensive care with alcohol poisoning.

“We hope that patrons and bar owners see the consequences of intoxication,” Toledo agent-in-charge Raymond Rodriguez said. “We were lucky in this case that the outcome was not more serious.”

Administrative charges against the liquor permit will be presented to the Ohio Liquor Control Commission once all criminal proceedings are completed. Penalties from the Liquor Control Commission may include issuing a fine, or suspending or revoking a liquor license.

The Ohio Investigative Unit is a division of the Ohio Department of Public Safety. All agents are plain-clothed fully sworn peace officers. OIU is charged with enforcing the state’s liquor laws and is the only state law enforcement agency specifically tasked with investigating food stamp fraud crimes. Agents also investigate tobacco violations.



What about the 21-year-old who ordered the 24 shots? Nobody takes responsibility for their own actions, it's always someone else's fault. If the bartender had refused to serve him shot #24, I'll bet the bartender would have been sued for infringing on his right to be intoxicated. Our judicial system is messed up!


There are no laws against how many shots you can order but there are laws against serving alcohol to an intoxicated person. I agree with you though that no one takes responsibility for their own actions but the bartender knows he shouldnt have kept serving the dude

Paranoid Illusion

I would say that after about the 12th shot, his ability to responsibly reason or to make appropriate judgments was out the window. From there, the one providing the means of poisoning oneself to death becomes culpable.

Estrella Damm

What about Jack Tripper, where was he when this all was going down?


I'm thinking he was trying to act cool like Ralph Furley does to get the women!

Otis B. Driftwood

The 21-year-old was celebrating his birthday. For ONU students, the Regal Beagle bar is practically a rite of passage. Everybody knows about the Regal Beagle.
So kid spends near 100.00, gets drunk on his 21st B-day, then pukes, and now its someone else fault?