Candlelight vigil Thursday for shooting victims

Honoring the victims of Newtown, Conn. school shooting
Cary Ashby
Dec 19, 2012


Two local residents have organized a candlelight vigil to honor the victims of the school shooting in Newtown, Conn.

The event takes place at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Christmas tree in Uptown Norwalk. Candles will be provided.

"I was very moved by the tragedy," said Norwalk resident Anton Jackson, who coordinated the event with Bill Ball, also of Norwalk. "I had this thought of how beautiful it would be to bring our community together to honor the victims."

Jackson has received a lot of positive feedback on Facebook about people who plan to attend the vigil.

"We just want to bring together the community. We encourage people to bring out their children and have prayer and worship for the victims," said Jackson, the father of two children.

"This (tragedy) could have happened in Norwalk and we need to bring awareness," Jackson said.



jack langhals

What a terrible tragedy,but the one at the White house and Congress is a tragedy as well.To not fund The School Security Bill in lieu of all the crap they wasted, is horrible.Just take a look at all the crap they added to The Sandy Bill,what a bunch of losers !Go on line and find how the votes went !


They will never admit to doing this. They are too busy blaming the gun and exploiting this tragedy to further a political agenda.

Whiskey Tango F...

This is what the public needs to do as a response. Take time, mourn the loss, raise awareness that sick people can do horrible acts when provoked.
The media needs to stop publishing the shooter's name, gender, race, age, facebook, or any other affiliations. The media is the fuel that these little sickos run on, the gun is the vehicle.
I ask all parents to look in your basements,and make sure your little angel isn't in need of serious help! Sadly enough some sick people are sitting at home saying "that could be me"! Laws won't stop them only parents that can be honest with themselves.

Cliff Cannon

What a beautiful idea. I for one can't wait.

P.S. Can we sing Silent Night ?

MY MY Why do th...

Thing is no new laws will stop sick people from getting a gun. The other thing is guns don't kill people. People kill people. The other thing that erks me is they keep referring to the gun show loop hole their is NO LOOP HOLE THIS IS ANTI-GUNNERS BS You are REQUIRED by law to ask for a state ID for all private transactions. Funny they don't mention that little bit of information. When every this subject comes up.

Cliff Cannon

Thank-you Anton Jackson,Bill Ball & co. for putting together this very moving as well as very informative tribute.

When Anton read the childrens names,then again when Chief Light spoke. The tears, as well as the depth of feelings made us one with those in Connecticut.

And thank-you Mother Nature for providing us with a dreary,cold,miserable rainy night. In short,perfect weather for remembering murdered kindergardeners