Armed robber brandishes 'Rambo-style knife' at Norwalk store

Upon being arrested, local man tells cops, "I messed up real bad"
Cary Ashby
Dec 18, 2012


A Monroeville man accused of brandishing a knife at a convenience store clerk was arrested early Tuesday morning after a short foot pursuit.

Eugene A. Stallard, 32, of 2190 E. U.S. 20, was in custody about five minutes after the armed robbery at Mickey Mart, 123 Whittlesey Ave. The Norwalk Police Department was alerted at 2:10 a.m.

The clerk reported the suspect was wearing all black and reportedly brandished a knife, which was about 11 inches long, police said.

"It was a Rambo-style knife. I saw a picture of it," Capt. Mike Conney said. "He had the knife and demanded the money from the register."

The suspect fled the scene on foot going westbound on League Street.

Officer Larry Noftz responded to Mickey Mart while Officer Zack O'Neil and Sgt. Tom Cook searched the nearby area.

About 2:15 a.m., O'Neil reported seeing Stallard, who matched the clerk's description of the robber, at a Bank Street driveway, Conney said.

"Zack was driving up. This guy was on foot," Conney said.

"He fit the description that was given, so Zack ordered him to stop," Conney said. "He did (stop) momentarily. He decided not to stay around and he took off."

A knife appeared to fall out of Stallard's waistband as he ran.

"Other items also began falling," Conney said, referring to a black scarf, black zip-up coat, two blue latex gloves and a black backpack.

"(O'Neil) says he (Stallard) stumbled on the ground and was placed under arrest," Conney said. "It (the officer's report) doesn't say he resisted."

Police estimate the foot pursuit covered 40 yards.

While the officer searched Stallard, he reported finding a "large wad" of money totaling $208 in the right front pocket of the suspect's pants, Conney said.

Once Stallard was secured in a cruiser, he said, "I messed up real bad," he added.

Stallard was charged with robbery, a first-degree felony. If convicted, he faces three to 11 years in prison and a maximum fine of $20,000.

The suspect also was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant. He was charged with failure to pay restitution for a receiving stolen property conviction.

Police seized the knife, clothing articles and backpack that reportedly fell during the chase plus Stallard's tennis shoes and a black stocking cap as evidence. It's unknown if the suspect was wearing a mask during the incident.

Stallard must post a $75,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.

Conney complimented the effort of "the entire third shift" in arresting the suspect so quickly.

"It was outstanding police work," he said.


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run for the hills

Remember to tell the judge "you are super sorry" and you can become a free man.


ha! he didn't even have time to get high with the proceeds. he went to jail with a monkey on his back & i bet that monkey is biting and scratching! ha ha!!


Let the outcry for "knife control" begin.


...(smiling) won't work, Cartman, you take away the knives and they'll get ya with nail clippers...


Now taxpayers get to fund yrs. of free room, board and medical care for this POS.

Too bad that the clerk wasn't armed and potentially save the taxpayers some money.


following in his dads footsteps

what the eff

Hats off to Zack O'Neil again....What a great addition he has been to the NPD..He's def got officer/rookie of the year comming to him...Way to sniifem out Zack...keep it up


Officer O'Neil is Capt. Jack O'Neil's son. OF COURSE they're gonna blow him up just as Sheriff Querin & that new girl being related to the Sheriff. DUHHHHH

hor mone

I cain't run fast.




It's easy to "blow him up" when he's taking down armed robbers. Good job and thank you Zack for protecting our community.


Do you ever consider that maybe they "blow him up" because he comes from a family with a clearly strong work ethic. His father was a admirable captain and they both share a passion to protect this city and go to all ends to make sure you are safe. It's unfair for you to downplay his hard work that keeps you safe all because of who he is and his father and instead pay some respect. Because no matter how much you feel this is a way to put his name in print he would still treat you with respect. Be considerate its the least you could do- for all first responders

Sitting In The ...

I agree the man was just doing his job and why shouldn't he receive a pat on the back for a job well done.

what the eff

For sure on the pat on the back..I mean...think about it...Zack is chasing an armed robber on foot...not knowing what this idiot is gonna do or brandish..Could have been stabbed or shot..But went for it anyway..Young cops that give a dam...hard to come by..Zack's gonna be Chief one day...

Cliff Cannon

@ what the eff : Certainly,enjoy all the well deserved compliements Zack get's. It is also comforting to realize just how many brave young cops are coming on board here in Norwalk.

Of course,now that you've warned them that Zack is going to be Chief someday ( and I totally agree) You may have inadvertantly started a race amongst these youngster's to the Chief's position. Good job !

MY MY Why do th...

sounds like your a family member


Nope, just a appreciative member of society and a fan of those who work hard.

Sitting In The ...

Job well done by LE and I got a great laugh from this man quote " I messed up really bad" geez ya think moron.

Happy Bunny



...good job, Zack. By the way, I went to school with your Dad. Good guy - good cop. Obviously you're making police work a tradition...


Any relations to Norma Stallard? that figures lol

Happy Bunny

sure is


this peice of shit is gonna get slapped on the wrist he is a confidential informant (snitch) for npd i bet he gets out of it


Haha see what happens to snitchs! Karma! Hope you get all 11 years you deserve every bit of it. Eugene also known as Beanie is nothing but a worthless losser just like his whole family except his brother god rest his soul!


Haha see what happens to snitchs! Karma! Hope you get all 11 years you deserve every bit of it. Eugene also known as Beanie is nothing but a worthless losser just like his whole family except his brother god rest his soul!