Local high school senior running for her senior project

Student attempting to answer how following daily diet and exercise plan benefits long-term health.
Aaron Krause
Dec 27, 2012


If Alyssa Holmes plans to make any New Year's resolutions for 2013, she probably won't have to focus on exercise.

The Willard High School (WHS) senior has been playing school sports since seventh grade and running as a hobby for seven or eight years. These days, running is more than a hobby or sport to Holmes -- it is part of her senior project.

In her project, Holmes will attempt to answer how following a daily diet and exercise plan benefits one's long-term health. A feature story about Holmes was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.




WOW..17?? will a "REAL" report on health be accurate at 17? article could have easily said local couple participated in the Santa Hustle half ma.(as a hobby) and doesn't need exercise to be on their plate for New Year's resolution either. Heck i seen alot of local people participating? Local lawyer, doctor, accountants, many of Edison High kids also.. Minute of fame..wow..


I am sorry!! I can't stop laughing at a 17yr old doing a self conducted "senior" project. on "EXERCISE and the effects on LONG TERM HEALTH".. I hope the report isn't due for 50+ yrs..


Where are the articles about you doing something to change the world however small or irrelevant or meaningless or inaccurate it might be??? Finally someone in the paper from Willard that's not about drugs or shootings or dui or car wrecks or anything else negative and you people still rag on it. Damned if ya do and dammed if ya don't. Good luck Alyssa....regardless of the impact or lack there of it has on anything.


Not looking for fame or related to someone in the press room? Kinda like all the articles about how some guy or gal lost 100lbs..?? wow..what about the guy or gal who NEVER allowed themselves to gain the extra 100lbs. in the first place?

believe it

truckin, this "senior" project is the one that is required by the state now for all seniors in high school to complete. They all choose different topics to research and she chose this, what's the big deal?


Good luck kiddo! I hope you getting an A!


Well , She has been running for seven or eight years , and active in sports . That kinda gives her knowledge and time tested experience for this report . Good luck with your project .

Ellis dee

She's hot who cares