Local authorities stepping up school security

The Huron County Sheriff's Office is taking extra precautions.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 19, 2012


The Huron County Sheriff's Office is taking extra precautions with local schools after the recent shootings in Connecticut.

"Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the school shooting in Connecticut," Sheriff Dane Howard said.

Howard said as a proactive measure, he sent deputies to a number of schools around the county Monday morning. A story about this subject was published in Tuesday's Reflector.


Whiskey Tango F...

Start by analyzing all students. Find out who didn't get enough hugs from daddy. Screen computers and facebook pages. Ask kids who is a "loner", who is not a normal kid, not in band, sports, or after school activities? Get the parents involved, force them to quit sheltering and nurturing their perfect little angels. Turn off the video games and for god's sake lock up the guns and ammo!!!


Whiskey you..?? never mind, so how about this.. First a trucker, one who by your terms is a "loner". Alone for endless hrs. As is a detective, fisherman, accountant, etc. Does that mean i will flip? Many young folks just assume work, study alone. No peer pressure, etc.. Hugs?? I haven't met a teenager who hasn't atleast more than one time, been angry at their parents and felt it was "unfair" and they didn't love them..?? Who or what gives another person, let alone a child, to determine who is "not normal". I eat ketchup on my steak?? you may feel that isn't "normal". the 70's 80's etc was full of Rambo, Terminator, Bruce Lee, Bronson, Eastwood, etc. How many people you know dressed up like a ninja, and went around slashing off heads with swords? or turned vigilante. Evil Knievel, did kids attempt to jump canyons everyweek? I hated band so i quit.. Is a quitter one who may "not be normal"? Lock up Guns??? WOW ? What good is a gun in my house unless it is fully loaded and easily accessed? "Hold on robber, rapist till i get my gun out of my safe, find the key to my trigger lock"?? fyi, i do have young children in house? called teach, respect and repeat, it's all you can do and all i should do. it's not like, laying on a table..but break in and i bet i can get it before you get me!. any other ideas Brainiac?

Whiskey Tango F...

You're right I'll go bury my head in the sand and cry now. Or maybe you can possibly acknowledge that it seems like when this happens, everyone that knew the shooter thought they were a little off. I CCW and keep loaded a loaded gun. I also know even when people want help for the sick individual, it is rarely available or effective. Please try to acknowledge that this ONE individual did this horrible act. Had his issues been addressed, and the guns locked up maybe some families could have had a merry christmas.
Wasn't one of his targets a counselor? If not i will retract it.


Latest report, he felt his mother was going to put him away, and felt his mother loved the kids she volunteered at school with (particular class rooms) and that is who he targeted. I still hold true to the "little off". That is always an excuse after the fact.mental. Everyone is a little off. People said Bush was not right? Clinton had many affairs, some say that is from a weak mind? Einstein? I am sure Bill Gates was a "nerd loner". Heck i workout tremendously to have a great fit body, yet i still stuff cookies down my throat, and drink beer. Odd huh? Just listen, you or anyone else, and ESPECIALLY kids can just go around pointing out who they fell are "not normal" as you previously mentioned.

hit the road jack

Well,with the excellent breeding stock we have in heroin county who knows who will be the first one to flip out,if these "different " people were around when I grew up they were not allowed to reproduce,some of the new breed we have now are puking kids out left and right and were never raised right themselves so they don't have a clue as to raising kids.

Swamp Fox

Of course King Dane will need increased funding for this. He is down to a 9 to 1 administrator to road officer ratio.


Remember the ol' duck and cover from the Cold War days?

Why not some form of self-defense training for the children? It might make 'em less of a passive target for crazies.

They still have fire drills don't they?

Yrs. ago some local schools had shooting clubs. In many cases offense is the best defense.

You can never totally eliminate risk; you can only attempt to ameliorate its effects.


Thu, 12/20/2012 - 6:45am

Additionally perhaps the school system should require daily close-order drilling with goose stepping?

Bellevue Dad

I for one and more concerned about the students who are making comments about the school shooting in Sandy Hook and say things like "wow that would be wild if it happened here" or "man, I know who I would shoot first." Don't think that teenagers make those types of statements? All you need to do is spend a little time at a basketball game or volunteering with some teenagers and those are just some of the comments you hear. What is really scary is that these comments weren't made from "loners" or "losers". I heard one of them made by an honor roll student two days ago.

The problem is that our children live in a world where violence is everywhere. It is on television, in their video games, their movies even their reading assignments from school. I'm not saying that we need to shelter our children or isolate them from TV or from that Xbox game they want this Christmas, but does a 6 year old really need to play Grand Theft Auto for 8 hours a day?

As parents we have a responsibility to be involved with our kids and to look for warning signs. For so many of these school shooters, the parents always say "I had no idea..." Of course you didn't know. How can you know anything about what your kid is doing if you don't pay any attention to them.

Take a minute and get to know your child and their friends. In the long run... you both win.

Cliff Cannon

@ Bellevue Dad : Extremely well put. Thank-you & Merry Christmas to you and yours

hit the road jack

You hit the nail right on the head! Kids 8-10 yrs. old playing video war games and the such is the root of the problem here,that and like your other point,kids just aren't raised right.


"Gun Free" zones are a open invitation for the people who what to do crime, robbery, murder etc. Look at the statistics, the locations that DO NOT have a sign that says "No Guns" are almost never the target of attacks/crime. The "criminal" will ignore the sign. As a store owner, school administrator, bank teller would you rather have a law abiding citizen in your location armed and trained to carry a weapon or would you rather have that person in your location with their weapon locked in their vehicle when the criminal walks in and puts a gun to your head...I no longer visit stores, eaterys, carry outs banks etc. that do not allow me to carry my sidearm.

Dr. Information

The way we raise kids today is just different. When I was growing up, when I played basketball or football at a young age and we lost, we lost. We were taught to lose with grace, accept it, learn from it and move on. Now, in our current day, we hand out ribbons and trophies for everything when one did nothing at all. And we wonder why so many of these young adults are flipping out when faced with real life situations, pressure, failure....which one will undoubtedly face in a real life situation or job where success is success and its based on and measured against others and their accomplishments and not their ribbons or trophies for 10th place. We are wrapping kids up in bubble wrap because we don't want them to fail. You show me a successful person and Ill show you someone who has failed several times, miserably, before they were successful. Kids have to learn to fail and fail at a young age and then have parental guidance to walk them through failure and teach them to learn from it. Holding little Johnny's hand through life is harming our society so much. Stop blindfolding our kids to failure. Let them fail, watch them and then teach them and show them how to fix the problem.


Yeah, hey Dr. Phil, (oops meant Dr. Info). What exactly is your PHD? Honor us with stating, please? Don't tell me about Oprah's latest book club recommendation either. I don't care.