Willard man arrested on drug charges

Syringes used to inject heroin found during traffic stop
Scott Seitz2
Dec 21, 2012


A Willard man was arrested recently and charged with drug-related crimes.

Jeffrey Patton, 42, of 405 Park St., was found to be in possession of drug-abuse instruments after a traffic stop in New Haven.

"Detective (John) Harris and I were on road patrol and Detective Harris spotted Jeffrey Patton and thought he had a warrant out for his arrest," Detective Josh Querin said.

"He did, in fact, have a warrant out through this agency," Querin added. "He was taken into custody and three syringes were found where he was seated in the vehicle.

"Patton admitted to us he had a drug problem," Querin said. "He had recently attempted to find some heroin to purchase."

Querin said the original warrant was for failure to appear on the charge of aggravated menacing.

"The syringes had been used to inject heroin," Querin said.

Patton was charged through Norwalk Municipal Court with a first-degree misdemeanor.

"He has a pretty lengthy criminal history including violent crime and drug abuses," Querin said.



Once they removed him from the vehicle the evidence found where he was seated was lost in court. Good ol constitution strikes again.


this guy is a cop, how did he get arrested? sad thing is , the cops probably gave him the dope he was using!!!! just to snitch on someone else!!!

Yall Make Me Sick

Dude try again! This junkie isn't no cop. He might be a snitch but deff not a cop. Come on get your facts straight before posting this junk!!!


If this, guys a cop how is it he has done about fifteen years in prison do you even know jeff patton. Yea he did work with police one time to help bring down a child mollester greatest thing he has ever done if you ask me

Dr. Information

This guy in no cop....lol. mitchell just go spill your hate somewhere else. Let me guess, its the cops fault this guy is on drugs. You losers cease to amaze me.


THIS IS Tony Bolen. i grew up with jeff hes a real good guy just went down the wronge path he will do better give him a chance. wait and see hes wanting to do rehab.

Yall Make Me Sick

He has been on drugs so long he don't want help just his drugs. You need help or rehab thinking he wants it did ya not read he has a longggghg history with the cops. Don't sound like he wants help. Try again we know this douch bag!!!


He is a good guy with a big heart. He would give you the shirt off his back if u needed it...

Dr. Information

@mouse....and the heroin needle right out of his vein if you needed it too....


I have known of Jeff for many years and the last thing he is, is a good guy. He has been in and out of prison mist if his adult life!!!!! Glad he is back where he belongs


He has been in rehab, prison...just got out 6-9 months ago. Let him off with slap on the wrist? Cause he promises to never ever do it again? Smh


And if im not mistaken...this is the same POS that got pissed because his daughter wouldn't find him a ride to go out stealing crap.


Another candidate for CBCF? Good grief!


I've know Jeff Patton all my life. He use to carry salt in his pockets just so he could throw it in someones eyes right b4 he would hit them in the head with something. I bet now that he is in jail alot of the thefts around the area will stop. Not all but i bet a bunch. If anyone EVER deserved to be in prison its this POS.


Yeah there citizen Jeffs cool like that at least he will admit what he's about how bout you your probably committing the other half of the thefts


Come on everyone. How can you be so hateful towards such an outstanding citizen. We need more fine human beings like this one in Huron County. BAHAHAHA I crack myself up! F'N DIRTBAGS


Mouse11, Jeff Patton is about as cool as a case of hemroids. He's a punk piece of crap and has been all his life. As far as me doing the other thefts. Yep your right there buddy its me all the way. (idiot). Sad thing is now we as tax payers have to pay to feed and house this worthless piece of crap for whatever time he gets now. They just need to throw away the keys on this dude. Society would be a better place without him in it. I can't think of anything positive that he has ever done. Any girlfriend he's ever had he's beat them senseless. He's robbed, stole, beat defenseless people into the hospital. He's dealt and done drugs since high school. He's had countless opportunities to turn his life around but has chosen not too. He is so UNLIKE his younger brother who moved out of state and went and did something with his life. I even think his brother is a successful business owner down south somewhere. Jeff Patton needs to rot in PRISON. Plain and simple.

AshleyPatton9333's picture

Ayyyy guys ;) im his daughter. like ive BEEN saying, the apple doesnt roll too far from the tree , keep talking about my dad like that and see if i dont just pay you a visit . i'd shut the f u c k up , cause im just as capable of doing the exact same things, TO YOU . so get a life and stop bashing ppl over the norwalk reflector?? lol if you have something to say i'll be more than happy to come 'discuss' ;)

AshleyPatton9333's picture

mitchell , i can assume you're mitchell barnett?? anyways my dads def not a cop , you're just mad he got your child molesting family member off the streets, and when you ask him why he did it, his exact words to everyone is , 'some ppl snitch for money, or to get out of trouble. me? i did it out of the pure meanness of my heart.' hahah f u c k you and your pedophile a s s family member lmfao gtfoh