Deputy involved in injury crash

Deputy and local driver injured, taken to FTMC.
Cary Ashby
Dec 17, 2012


Charges are pending in an injury crash early Monday that involved a Huron County sheriff's deputy and a local driver.

Deputy Joshua D. Kaufman, 24, of 4766 Ohio 4, Bellevue, was about to make a left-hand turn on Ohio 18, said troopers with the state Highway Patrol. The other driver was Shannon L. Winkle, 37, of 1375 DeRussey Road, Collins, whom troopers said was driving straight ahead.

The collision happened at 3:49 a.m.

Kaufman had minor injuries, but no information was available from the patrol if the deputy was transported from the scene. Troopers reported Winkle sustained minor injuries and Citizens Ambulance transported her to Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

"(There were) slight injuries to both parties involved. Our deputy and the other driver were both taken to Fisher-Titus and treated and released," sheriff's Capt. Ted Patrick said.

Maj. Greg Englund said the sheriff's office could perform its own investigation after receiving the report from the patrol.

"There was damage to the front end of the cruiser and rear quarter panel," Englund said.

No further information was available about the crash.



So he must have turned in front of her?


Yeah. Once again nice reporting. So did she rear end him or did he turn in front of her? Make sense please.


"no information was available from the oatrol if the deputy was transported from the scene"


"...our deputy and the other driver wete both taken to ftmc and treated and released."in

Really??? Only have part of the story then can't remember what you got quoted to you??


Great reporting NR! Didn't think to include her vehicle overturned? That it required two wrecker services at the scene? This amazing deputy pulled out in front of this young women while she was attempting to pass another vehicle. Glad neither were seriously hurt.


That's one way for the department to get new cars, eh?


From what I gather, she made the pass on a portion of 18 that has a double yellow line due to poor visibility. The deputy was turning onto 18 and she was in his lane, which she would not have been had she had been passing. Keep in mind that if you are passing you have to make sure both lanes are clear, because if you hit someone in the opposite lane, even if they were turning into it, you are at fault.


Actually IF it were a passing lane and she was completely in that passing lane making the pass the deputy would be at fault because she had control of the lane. Same kind of thing happened to me before passing a slow moving disabled vehicle with no turn signals. Anyways, hope everyone is ok.


That is only the case on a 4 lane highway. Nonetheless, the story I heard was that she was passing in an area with a double yellow line, which is illegal.

Swamp Fox

Press release from King Dane this accident is another example of my underfunding from Silcox, I also blame President Bush....


If she was passing at an intersection she was at fault. Passing laws in Ohio are as follows.....When passing traffic traveling in the same direction, no vehicle shall be
driven to the left of the center of the road unless the left side is clearly visible
and is free of oncoming traffic for a sufficient distance ahead. Passing shall be
completed without interfering with the safe operation of traffic approaching from
the opposite direction or any vehicle being overtaken.
Passing is not permitted under the following circumstances:
1. When approaching the crest of a grade or a curve in the roadway where
the driver’s view is obstructed and the driver cannot see if the pass will
interfere with oncoming traffic.
2. Within 100 feet of a bridge, viaduct or tunnel when the driver’s view is
3. Within 100 feet of approaching an intersection.
4. Within 100 feet of a railroad grade crossing.

Dr. Information have to realize who you are dealing with on this forum. People won't read the laws that you have posted. They will still blame the officer.

Brock Lee

i think its bushs falt lol


Winkle driving straight? Straight what? Driving off a cliff? Good clarification. Was Winkle driving north, south, east, or west? Humm Kaufman was turning from a secondary road onto a primary road and Winkle was traveling on the primary road, open close case. What happen to Kaufmans' defense driving training? Wow it's like winning the lotto. At 0349 hrs., two vehicles on the road and CRASH LMAO. Way to go champ. Thought J.H. crash was the blooper of the year. Sounds like a remedial defense driving course for Kaufman and Harris. As for Mr. Shiney shoes, why is Greg being a spoke person for the Hazzard County S.O. when he is assigned to the court house security as a SPECIAL Deputy and being retired?

Otis B. Driftwood

We the readers have to assume she was following him because the NR always prints the news before its news online.


She was following him. When the one lane changed to two lanes, she went to pass him. He made a left turn in front of her, didn't use his turn signal, etc. He hit her. Her vehicle flipped. He didn't have the decency to get her out. He literally left her hanging, and a family member came and got her out of her vehicle. What's that tell you?


Law Enforcement officers are taught to leave the victim in the car and not move them unless there is imminent danger to the victim such as a fire. The reason for this is the possibility of head, neck, and back injuries that could cause the victim to be paralyzed or killed if they are moved the wrong way. That is why they usually leave the victim in the car until EMS arrives.


I hope a new story comes out about this. It's kinda hard to make heads or tails out of it the way its written

Dr. Information

You hope a new story comes out because this one clearly doesn't fit your consistent hatred for law enforcement. Lets call it was it is Dusty.


I just think it's poorly written. It's hard to tell what really happened.
Did he turn in front of her? Was she passing in a no passing zone? Did she not have her headlights on? I'm sure he should have seen her.


did you see my comments above???


Im just surprised she would pass a cop car at 3:30AM, and both of those roads are 2 lane roads are you talking about the passing zone?


What a pathetically written article.


Isn't he a K9 officer? How's the dog?


Cary had been doing a good job lately. She's slipped a little in this article.