Norwalk Furniture completes strong year

Company adding jobs and continuing to expand workforce.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 24, 2012


Norwalk Furniture has had another strong year. Amidst the many changes that have gone on in the market and nation over the past 12 months, they have done very well with a strong showing in 2012.

In January of this year, the company started off by celebrating the grand opening of their new international on-site showroom with a huge ribbon-cutting event that many community leaders and political leaders attended as well. The renovated space turned about 7,000 square feet into a magnificent opportunity, beautifully showcasing their newest lines and offerings.

During the next two years, Norwalk Furniture is also planning on making additional investments, among them is a major computer system upgrade. The company is also adding jobs and continuing to expand their workforce.

A feature story about Norwalk Furniture was published in the Reflector as part of the 12 days of development series.



Cliff Cannon

Being blessed to be a "furniture" veteran. Few things in the world of Norwalk business, warm the this 'furniture' loving heart like reading of the continued rebuilding of our local legend.

Proud of you.Keep building greatly!

Swamp Fox

Nice to read a positive article about our local economy, keep up the good work. I sure some of our usual negative folks will find something to complain about or find fault with.


@ Swamp Gas:

Speaking of "negative"; so how much money have you spent buying Norwalk furniture lately?

Guess taxpayer funding (Read: crony capitalism) is OK if it's in one's back yard eh?

So did you cast your vote in support of Gov. Strickland?

Took a tour a couple yrs. ago, pretty impressive.

Swamp Fox

zippo bozo took it hook line and sinker, this guy would foreclose on an orphanage on Christmas and talk about his investment and timing success.......
By the way zippo bozo if its any of your business, we have purchased Norwalk Furniture products and always purchase local when ever possible, not a bitter old cheapskate like you...


@ Swamp Odor:

You obviously wanted to play. :)

"Have purchased"? So "have" I.

Typically, you didn't answer my questions.

I'm talking 'recently' since the bankruptcy. Notice the word "lately" in the previous question?

I apologize for forgetting that I'm dealing with an illiterate.

So how much crony capitalism is the "right" amount?

Swamp Fox

zippo bozo, "I'm dealing with an illiterate." clearly you are looking into the mirror again, what did the nurse give you expanded internet time for the holidays? Time for zippo bozo afternoon meds in his pudding cup and clean sweatpants....