Grand jury indicts woman caught with dad's stolen checks

Suspect, who also was caught with heroin, became combative and initially was charged with resisting arrest.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 17, 2012


A Huron County grand jury has indicted a local woman accused of trying to cash her father's stolen checks.

The incident happened in mid November. The father went to the Huron County Sheriff’s Office to report the theft of checks.

“He had six checks stolen,” Capt. Ted Patrick said.

As Detective John Harris was completing the paperwork and taking a statement from the man, a Firelands Credit Union employee called him on his cell phone. Patrick said the clerk reported the man’s daughter, Melinda M. Holtz, 41, most recently of 4641 Plank Road, was in the drive-thru attempting to cash his checks.

Harris and Deputy Shannon Lyons responded to the Cleveland Road bank, where they confronted Holtz who was in a vehicle with another female subject.

“She (Holtz) became combative,” Patrick said.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies reported finding three suspected heroin syringes and a small amount of heroin.

She was arrested and initially charged with resisting arrest and theft of checks. However, prosecutors decided to only charge her with receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony punishable by six to 12 months behind bars.

The grand jury issued the indictment Friday. Holtz was charged with one count each of forgery and receiving stolen property (credit card), four counts of forgery and one count of receiving stolen property (checks).



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