Huron County Grand Jury

A Huron County grand jury has indicted the following defendants today:
Joe Centers
Dec 14, 2012


A Huron County grand jury has indicted the following defendants today:
Carrie S. Waldron on burglary.
Minniebelle A. Yates on theft of drugs.
Melinda M. Holtz on one count each of forgery and receiving stolen property (credit card), four counts of forgery and one count of receiving stolen property (checks).
Alexander Cruz on attempted forgery.
William R. Reid on assault.
Todd A. McCallister on one count each of theft of checks and theft of credit card plus two counts of forgery.
Daniel L. Skodny on two counts of trafficking in heroin.
Jeffrey P. Gibson on one count each of breaking and entering and possession of criminal tools.
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Unless you know the circumstances you should keep your comments to yourself. He went there looking for trouble with 6 or 7 others to cover his butt. It happened at a home where a pregnant lady and her small child lives alone. Andy was a visitor who heard a disturbance outside to find these punks fighting with her over a dog he was taking from her that he had abandoned a year ago. Andy came to her rescue and was attacked by all of them. Yes, someone got hurt but thats what happens when you put yourself in these situations. They went there with ill intentions and things didnt go as planned so now they want to cry about it. Everything would have been fine if they could have pushed her around and took the dog without Andy trying to help her. Come on Bobby, taking 6 people with you to push around a pregnant lady, wth?? Kinda like when Andy had a falling out a few years back with a Barnett and he hit Andy with a baseball bat in the head from behind when Andy turned to walk away. Seems he got away with it scott free didnt he? I'm sure Andy will be charged before its over because thats our justice system!!!


What only 2 drug cases course the thieves were probably
Stealing to buy drugs


Waldron? Ha! What an embarrassment you are to your children!


Mitchell that is same as the public asking why your drug selling, thieving relatives have not been indicted! It is funny how the "victim" and his family go around bullying people but nothing happens to them. Kudo's to Andy! What goes around comes around the "victim" and his brothers are nothing but bullies and it is about time someone stand up to them!!!!


Very true. Too bad this won't help Andy out. He probally should have just went back inside and let these punks push a pregnant lady around so they could take her dog, which they did. What I want to know is where was her small daughter while this was going on? What kind of danger did this put an innocent child in? What if the women had lost her unborn child? Next time they attack someone and there is 6, 7, 8 of them on one maybe the victim should ask how old they are before he tries to defend himself.


All involved are losers. This is not an innocent "minor" that has not done his share of wrong and anyone that knows him knows that. They want to be out there playing the game..sometimes you lose! That's what you get when you want to be involved in everything this innocent minor has been into.