Concealed carry bill headed to governor

Three changes being made to current gun law.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 17, 2012


An amended House Bill 495 was passed by the Ohio Senate on Thursday by a 26-7 vote. Two and a half hours later, the Ohio House voted 66-23 to concur with Senate amendments.

The amended bill makes three changes to current gun law. A detailed story about the changes was published in Saturday's Reflector.


Dr. Information

Ask chicago if their attack on handguns went well. Hint didn't work. Handgun crime went up.


Dr. Information, I know I am wasting this on you, however cause and correlation are two separate things.


@ dontcare:

Maybe more redistributed "cash and prizes" and a few more gun laws will clear up all that inner city violence huh?


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m-vill123, your sarcasm is lost on Contango. Besides the government is tracking him and he's planning his overthrow of the overly oppressive government after all it's people like him who will save our democracy


That's right Dumb and Dumber: Because I don't wish to see black children murdered any more than I do white children then I'm obviously a racist.


What was the point you where making then, stating blacks kill more people then whites. If a Death is a Death be it black or white what was your purpose of spouting off.


m-vill123 you have to stop, you're making these guys look absolutely ignorant. Remember they all carry guns, you don't want them to go on a shooting spree.


m-ville and dontcare seems to be talking to himself


Dumb and Dumber: Simple statistics that there is more black-on-black gun violence:

It's a video, so you don't have to struggle to read.

The host and guests are black; obviously racists. :/


Never doubted it, but what is the point of bringing it up. what are you suggesting we do about it.


for the record this was signed into law on 12-20-2012