Teen charged in sex case involving girl, 15

Incident happened at an apartment of one of suspect's friends, where the girl had been invited.
Cary Ashby
Dec 16, 2012


A New London teenager has been jailed in connection with having sexual conduct with a 15-year-old New London girl.

Dustin L. Arnett, 18, of 15 E. Washburn St., was arrested without incident at his home Wednesday night. He was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

New London Police Chief Michael Marko said the suspected incident happened Monday night at an apartment of one of Arnett's friends, where the girl had been invited.

"It was just those two," Marko said.

"I believe they are friends," said the chief, who doesn't believe Arnett and the girl have known each other long.

"(The girl's) mom and dad notified us," Marko said.

"She was treated at the hospital. ... She was transported to Fisher-Titus and then transferred to Akron," he said.

At the Akron hospital, a pediatrician who specializes in sexual assaults first saw her. She then was referred to a sexual assault nurse examiner in Sandusky, where Marko said the nurse examined the girl.

Officer Kevin VerBurg is investigating the case.

"He (Arnett) was interviewed at our station and then taken up to (the) Huron County (Jail)," Marko said. "The interview went in the police department's favor."

Police also interviewed the girl, whom Marko said seemed to be credible.

Officers have more interviews to do in the ongoing investigation.

"We are trying to locate some friends and the manager of the apartment," Marko said.

The chief isn't aware of any previous criminal investigations involving Arnett.

"I've never come in contact with him (before now)," Marko said.



Sounds like buyer's remorse. 15 year olds are not always little angels. Think back people, think back!


Exactly, if parents would have done this back when we were seniors in high school, we would still be in prison. The only crime here is that the parents are letting their little princess off the hook, instead of punishing her for making a bad choice.


I agree.. He is a Senior in high school..And where was her parents when she was out pursuing older men?.. This is not the first time she has had sex with a 18 yr old.. Just this boy somehow became the target and now they are trying to pin him!!.. I agree back in the day there was no law over this if it was consentual it didnt matter how much older you was .. My Mom and Dad was 10 years different when they met.. Mom was 16 dad was 26.. There was nothing ever said about it back then !!!...

The Wakow

Age of consent is 16, though apparently you know this girl so why don't you show who you are. Since you said this is not the first time she has been with an 18 year old. I can say, "this guy is a multiple rapist, and killer" but hiding under the guise of anonymity makes this claim seem almost legit. If you "know her" tell the world who you are, stop talking trash behind her back under your false identity. Coward.


I went to a party when i was 21. Met this really good looking girl smoking a Marlboro,drinking a Budweiser. I asked a friend who she was. He told me she was 15!! R u kidding me?? Left the party immediately and couldn't believe I was interested in a 15 yr old!!! Guess a guy needs to ID girls first. Moral of the story, just because she's15 don't mean everyone else knows shes15. Heck, she was drinking a BUDWEISER!!!!!!!

The Wakow

What is wrong with America is people judging the accused and the defenders before anything happens. Young girl accusing someone of rape, must be lying, man accused of murder, must be a killer. Ignorance and self privilege you people spew is sickening. Freedom of speech is a freedom won and earned by sacrifice, so trash may come in and sicken the world by tossing judgement and excrement at people. You are what is wrong with America.

Our justice system is not perfect, but it is better than 90% of the population who says guilty without knowing a thing.

Yall Make Me Sick

Age isn't just a number anymore. Adult is 18 NOT 15! He is suppose to be the adult in the situation or is he gonna say he is mentally the age of a 13 year old? He played now make him pay!!!!!


I don't think anyone is saying this guy was right in what he did. However, to the ones who want him castrated and killed in prison, that's a little much, given the cloudy circumstances of this thing. Girls like this show up, they look older, say their older, come onto some guy, what outcome is expected? Oh crap, she was ONLY 15?? He probably had no idea. Again, not saying he doesn't share the blame, but all signs are pointing to 'oops' instead of a sexual predator or child molester here.

Paranoid Illusion

Only you, BO, have been defending the perp - or did you forget your earlier post? Here, let me remind you:

"That ~may~ be an over-reaction, dude. She went there, got it on, got caught 2 days later, so THEN implicates him. No where in the article does it say anything about force."

Oh yeah; you closed that post with advice that you really should follow:
"Open your eyes."