Teen charged in sex case involving girl, 15

Incident happened at an apartment of one of suspect's friends, where the girl had been invited.
Cary Ashby
Dec 16, 2012


A New London teenager has been jailed in connection with having sexual conduct with a 15-year-old New London girl.

Dustin L. Arnett, 18, of 15 E. Washburn St., was arrested without incident at his home Wednesday night. He was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.

New London Police Chief Michael Marko said the suspected incident happened Monday night at an apartment of one of Arnett's friends, where the girl had been invited.

"It was just those two," Marko said.

"I believe they are friends," said the chief, who doesn't believe Arnett and the girl have known each other long.

"(The girl's) mom and dad notified us," Marko said.

"She was treated at the hospital. ... She was transported to Fisher-Titus and then transferred to Akron," he said.

At the Akron hospital, a pediatrician who specializes in sexual assaults first saw her. She then was referred to a sexual assault nurse examiner in Sandusky, where Marko said the nurse examined the girl.

Officer Kevin VerBurg is investigating the case.

"He (Arnett) was interviewed at our station and then taken up to (the) Huron County (Jail)," Marko said. "The interview went in the police department's favor."

Police also interviewed the girl, whom Marko said seemed to be credible.

Officers have more interviews to do in the ongoing investigation.

"We are trying to locate some friends and the manager of the apartment," Marko said.

The chief isn't aware of any previous criminal investigations involving Arnett.

"I've never come in contact with him (before now)," Marko said.


Paranoid Illusion

"Sex case"?? Really NR?? Try: "Sexual assault" - big difference. Geesh!


The article doesn't really specify, but it seems to me this may have been consensual. It's statutory rape, because of their ages, but this girl went over there, no mention of any force. Either way, it's a crime, and wrong, but I'm not sure labeling this a "sexual assault" is all that accurate. Perhaps finding out more about it before you jump off the deep end. -Frankly, this sort of thing probably happens a lot with teenagers and all those hormones.

Paranoid Illusion

Um, as far as my "jumping off the deep end," perhaps you should jump in the pool by reading the WHOLE article, especially the part that says:

"At the Akron hospital, a pediatrician who specializes in sexual assaults first saw her. She then was referred to a sexual assault nurse examiner in Sandusky, where Marko said the nurse examined the girl."

AS for your hormone comment - you, BO, are part of the problem rather than the solution; and what is wrong with society today.


I'm what's wrong with society today? Hehehe...that statement alone signifies how small your mind is. Open those eyes. This is nothing more than a girl going somewhere, getting laid, getting caught, then ratting out her partner to a blind set of parents who think their baby was attacked.


Norwalk, Akron and Sandusky ?? WTH?


Kind of looks like they were shopping around until they found the answer they were searching for.


Why would a 15 Yr old girl go willingly to a empty apartment unless she had one thing on her mind?,, I think there is 2 people that knows the answer to this.. this is these 2 teenagers.. I agree Starryeyes83.. why 3 hospitals?.. And anyone ever think she may lie about her age ?.. Its probably a real good chance she has has sex before so why point finger to him?.. Where was her parents when she was out in apartment with a man?.. Did she tell her parents a lie about going to a friends?.. If so wouldnt she lie to cops also? Come on really 2 days after the accused offense she turns it in or tells her parents?..


Perhaps she got caught, hence the 2 days.

hor mone

I cain't think.

Sitting In The ...

Regardless of what we think, he is accused of breaking the law and we'll have to monitor this story for further developments.

Estrella Damm

Birth certificate says 18, hairline says 32.


i kinda thought the same thing. not making fun, im bald. im not just a client of the hairless club for men, im the president!


NOT AGAIN? 18/15 WOW, and this coming from a society who wants pot legal?? yet both "teens" and sex..... ALWAYS the "little" girls who are the innocent?? and the funny thing, this same society would want to hang the girl if she was the older also....My gosh..Mommy's and Daddy's WAKE UP...it's not always someone else fault to put blame.. yes there is a line drawn in the sand "18" wow.not a persa ..assault?. ignorant in my opinion


I agree, this is equivalent to a senior having sex with a sophomore. What the heck is going on nowadays. If this would have been persued when I was in high school, I would be looking at a life sentence. LOL. Wake up call mom and dad, your daughter isn't the little princess you thought she was, and ruining some boys like isn't gonna make her one.

The Wakow

So you watched everything go on? You seen them having sex and she was all into it? Amazing skill you have there!!! Wow, hey did you see the people get onto the planes during 911? These people on this forum are self righteous trash that are no better than the Salem witch trials.


3 Diffrent hospital's? What's up with that?


when you don't get the results you WANT..."so called forced" you just try try again.


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Fugk this punk let her dad put his hands on him rip his panties off and beat his as$... keep this monster away from children.. I would more than likely kill him had it been my daughter. As retarded as he may appear he is a grown man and is completely responsible for how badly he has damaged this young girl


That ~may~ be an over-reaction, dude. She went there, got it on, got caught 2 days later, so THEN implicates him. No where in the article does it say anything about force. And you're saying that instead of parenting your daughter and cracking down on her, you'd go after whomever she frolicks with? Open your eyes.


Hopefully you will never have to deal with a situation like this. Because you shouldn't be allowed to breed.

The Wakow

Agreed, what you got raped, no shush, go in the corner and think about what you did and tell your partner they were great.




What angers me the most is that a local man named david collins molested two girls under the age of 6 and with a big money his status is child endangerment


If these punks would work they would not have time to get in trouble


and you know he doesnt work, how?


generalizing maybe please someone tell me i'm wrong


The girl is seeking attention. Nothing more, nothing less. Not to mention, the guy let his little head do the thinking over the big head.


Amish Mafia


Some parents are letting the kids play on the PC today. Unsupervised.