Lifesavers were in the right place at the right time

President of Lake Erie Construction owes life to pair of guys working out at gym.
Joe Centers
Dec 17, 2012


Dave Bleile owes his life to a couple of guys from Bellevue he didn't even know, who were working out at a gym to which they've never been.

Bleile, 55, president of Lake Erie Construction, was working out on the treadmill at 1:30 a.m. Oct. 27 at Anytime Fitness in Norwalk. Bleile, who likes to work in the office at odd hours when the phones aren't ringing, just finished up and decided he would work out before heading home. Bleile was on the treadmill when his heart gave out.

To find out what happened, read the story on the front page of Saturday's Reflector. Or you can subscribe to the e-paper and read it now.


Brock Lee

good thing they was there exercise can kill ya

Lloyd Christmas

Holy fail post! Who says "they was"? Punctuation... what's that? I said, I said let me educate ya a bit there son... now listen up.

Your statement should read like this. "Good thing they were there. Exercise can kill you.".

Brock Lee

i hope you feel better about youself now thanks for the lesson looser


at least you wasnt trying to look book-smart brock

Brock Lee

i hope you feel better about youself to by mocking me looser


Next time, I'll mock you tighter, how bout that?


Well you feel better about youself? I feel better about myself I know that! Good Grief


I can understand Brock's difficultly, and I'm not aiming to make hillbillies feel bad because they are dumb. He/she is probably an old bumpkin sippin' on some cawwfay, and enjoying some doral light 1200's. Clifford comes through, slinging high and mighty quotes from some obscure (but best selling ever) author, and not only misquotes the guy, but then butchers the spelling and grammar. It's pretty funny to me, but then again- this is the NR.

Lloyd Christmas

Looser? Like your pants when you lose weight? How about LOSER... LOSER! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Just an FYI... "to" should be "too".


Dave give those guys a job .

Cliff Cannon

" Coincendences are God's way of seeing if your paying attention "

G.K. Chesterton

What a fantasticly happy 'coincedence' we have here. And the timing of the story,for this part of a grief stricken nation,couldn't have been better


If you are going to try and look smart by quoting people that nobody has ever heard of, can you at least spell 'coincidences' correctly and get the 'you're' part right? I'm sure God appreciates correct grammar/punctuation/spelling. Thanks.

Lloyd Christmas

BWAHAHAHA! LOVE IT! Best post on here in quite awhile.

Cliff Cannon

@ROLMFAO: Thank-you for your spelling help. Nobody ever heard of G.K. Chesterton ? Really ? One of the all-time great English writer/philosopers and 'nobody' ever heard of him ? That's quite surprising,considering he also is one of human history's best selling authors.

Perhaps, you really mean " nobody " who reads what you read ever heard of him ?

No matter. The story is about the 'coincidence' of 2 young men saving a life. Not your lack of literary knowledge

Still, I'll attempt, like I have all my life to spell better. However,dsylexia likes to spell it's own way,so..... Thanks for reminding me of the smart a$$'$ in school who made fun of my spelling ( and my stuttering)

After all isn't that what Christmas is all about making others feel "special"

Good day to you


My point is, if you are trying to look smart- why not take the time to do a quick spell check?

I don't even think this is a real G.K. Chesterton quote. Did you mean 'Coincidences are spiritual puns.' ?
G.K. Chesterton


Considering most Ohioans in this part of the state are uneducated bumpkins, I would venture to say most haven't heard of him. LOL


But he is one of the best selling authors of all times... (which I don't even think is true either) Cliff is just trying to look cool and uppity so the lowly norwalk folks will think he is smart.

Cliff Cannon

@ KnuckleDragger: What ? Say it ain't so. We live in an area of " uneducated bumpkins" where you would "venture to say" most people haven't heard of G.K. Chesterton ? Which of course,leads to this question: " So what ?"

2 weeks ago I was an " uneducated bumpkin " on how emergency services worked. Then through a series of commentary's ----by you. I became better educated. I then went to the step, of thanking you for your concise,well written commentary's on a field you obviously know forwards and backwards. Remember ?

I also didn't whine about you "showing oFF " your knowledge, of your chosen field,like my critic here has done to me,did I ? Why not ? Simplest of reason's: I like to learn and the best teachers are always those who know their stuFF,true ?

Now let's look at Chesterton's quote. Apparently,I could have gotten away with out using quotation marks,because the critic doesn't care about a life being saved,hero's performing heroically,the timing of this feel good story ( day after the massacre, Christmas season) none of that matters. What matters,is the authors name and the fact that I wrote it.True ?

So perhaps,I should plagarize the classical authors,I've studied virtually all my life. Apparently,I could get away with it and talk about 'showing oFF' wouldn't that make me look deep ?

Yet,it also would take away from the timelessness of quoting.For quotations tell us of the inward thoughts,the personal aspirations as well as of the writers struggles with man's common denominators:life,death,love,joy,misfortune,ambition,evil,grief,.....

So a fellow writer is to simply steal these nuggets of gold wisdom,with out giving credit where it is due,simply because some critics think your showing 'showing oFF' ? How stupid would that be ?

Bottom line: It matters not,who wrote, or if anyone heard of who wrote this wisdom " Coincidences are God's way of seeing if your paying attention " Because we are. A good man is alive today because of fast acting hero's and you can quote me on that.

Merry Christmas to you

Brock Lee

cliff i now what your saying people make fun of me to cuz i doent type or spell good putting down some else make them feel better about themself

Cliff Cannon

@ Brock Lee : Yeah,your right. There is always going to be insecure wannabe's who always----attempt to feel better about themselves,by putting others down. I don't get it.Thought that stuFF ended in jr.high.But....

Let's look at this story.A beautiful story,right ? Do you remember the " inside story " of this story ? One year prior Joe Centers is writing of the untimely death of Dave's brother and this year he is writing of Dave's family being spared the untold grief of burying another son. Now you know why I called the story ;" fantastically happy"...

Which it obviously is. So the critic doesn't care that "Santa" in the form of hero's Joseph Gesule and Dustin Smith came early to the Bleile home.

Nor does he care to compliement Mr. Gesule or Mr. Smith for their quick thinking, fast actions under great stress

Nor does he note ( as I did ) the timing of the story ( One day after Conn. massacre,Christmas season).No that don't matter. What matters is trying to make some one look stupid,so he/she can feel better about themselves.( Except of course the bully doesn't. After all they still have to look in the mirror and no one can lie to the person in the mirror)

I am grateful " Brock Lee" that this insecure critic came after you and I. For not only did I get to know you. ( and you seem to have a great kind heart) But I also get to write this

Thank-you Joe Centers for this, timely beautiful story. Thank-you Joe and Dustin for living lives of courage. And Mr. & Mrs. Bleile not only,do I thank-you for all you've done for our community through the years,I wish you folks a very Merry Christmas

Of course,I am going to "spoil " your Christmas by telling 'blogville' what your present is this year: You got your son back ( Thank God and 'coincidences' for that)

Kottage Kat

If it is not a comic book some folks do not read.


The fact that these two recognized the problem and jumped to action quickly, coupled with the fact that he was right across the street from the hospital saved his life. Good job guys.


Correcting punctuation and grammer on a comment board shows how devoid of human interaction you are.
Get out of your house and go for a walk.


I prefer grammar over grammer, but that's just me.

Lloyd Christmas

BOOM! On a roll! Haha

hit the road jack

Glad to see your OK Dave,no doubt in my mind he will take care of these two guys if they need a job,they don't get any better than Dave,I'll guarantee you that,he'd give you the shirt off his back!


I agree with MiddleRight. With all of this ridiculous bullying over something so insignificant as spelling and grammar, especially on a comment board, it's no wonder people in our society are going "postal" more often. Some people are just too ignorant to know when to quit.

This article is about saving a life, not an English class. Get a life all of you professor "wannabes"!


Good grammar is like personal hygiene - you can ignore it if you want, but don't be surprised when people draw their conclusions. Back on topic: It's always a good idea to work out with others nearby specifically for this reason.

Kottage Kat

CC: I done heard of that dude. I habit Eben read his books. The mystery solving priest is cool man

Kottage Kat

CC: I done heard of that dude. I habit Eben read his books. The mystery solving priest is cool man