Sheriff's office to lose 100 years experience

Battles, Cooksey and Patrick all set to retire.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 13, 2012


The Huron County Sheriff's Office will lose about 100 years of law-enforcement experience by the end of the year.

On Wednesday, Sheriff Dane Howard announced the upcoming retirements of Capt. Ted Patrick, Chief Deputy Dave Battles and Lt. Mike Cooksey.

A story about this subject was published in Thursday's Reflector.



Very sorry to see them go. They are wonderful men! Good luck guys and enjoy your retirement!! ~D.Martz

hit the road jack

Ol'Dane should have an excess of funds to hire new patrols unless he gets into a spending fit.


I'm guessing these guys will be rehired at the same pay that they left before the ink is dry on there retirement paper's.


well where to start capt. patrick was a good deputy but became a yes man; lt. cooksey just lazy; and chief battles nice guy but jail ignorant; so lets see 2 road sgt's will move up to replace patrick and cooksey; then two road grunts will replace the two sgt's; and all of lt stanfields butt kissing will payoff to replace battles; so the good ol boy system stays in place, unneeded promotions will happen, the budget will stay in shabbles and sheriff howard will continue to complain about money then hire another secretary, sounds about right


what makes you the expert on this. any bitterness?


research, knowing the facts, and knowing departmental past practice, maybe you should educate yourself so when taxes go up again you know why or when election time comes around maybe you won't be so complacent with whom your deciding on. bitterness yes i live check to check so when sales tax go up in the county because elected officials don't know what they are doing i get a little bitter.


That is why they have elections so if someone thinks they know more or can do a better job they will run but some people just
Iike to b*tch. I think there is more to your story.


oh by the way good luck gentlemen and enjoy your retirement that is a long time to do the work you have done.


All those that love to complain about the local law enforcement.....I see you never had the desire to do it thankful for the ones that do it FOR you! If you think they all are so bad, maybe you should go fill out an application!

hit the road jack

When I graduated from high school one of these jobs was next to a garbage man,no one wanted this job.


That one guy has some frickin arms on him. Easy on the PEDs.


@ ohiogirl99: I agree /w your first comment of describing all deputies in your article and for butt kissing Chris, Terry is way way more qualified for the jail administrator position. Oh hecks, just give it to Rich. Hey what about 301, he needs to retire too and nominate a REAL sheriff, " Sheriff J. Bracken."