$150 pay-to-play fee in Norwalk?

Norwalk school officials tell how they plan to eliminate local deficit projection.
Cary Ashby
Dec 12, 2012


The Norwalk City Schools board of education on Tuesday approved the district's response to the Ohio Department of Education (ODE)'s request for a written proposal outlining the plans to eliminate the projected deficit beginning with fiscal year 2014.

In a Nov. 5 letter to Superintendent Dennis Doughty, the ODE said Norwalk's "current five-year forecast projects a negative unreserved fund balance ... exceeding 2 percent of revenue beginning in fiscal year 2014."

Doughty's plan would give Norwalk an anticipated cash balance of slightly less than $3.1 million for fiscal year 2014.

"It's a temporary fix," Doughty said.

Among the proposed changes:

** Adjust athletic participation fee to $150 per high-school sport and $75 per middle-school sport

** Adjust special schedules in grades K-12 and make necessary changes through the elimination of building positions.

The full list of proposed cuts was published in Wednesday's Reflector.


Guy on a Buffalo

Cite specific positions that are bogus. Don't just make claims.

swiss family

convince them to make a list of ALL of the employees.. with all of their pay, along with the utility bills and the maintenance costs, and busing costs... and I will show you what is bogus.Does it not seem odd to you that they can NOT replace 27 employees, and still function and run the system properly??? so obviously at least some of those previous positions were "bogus" and I feel that there are plenty more on the payroll that do not deserve the pay they are getting, with the fair amount of responsibility that they have.

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run for the hills

Swiss Family- When growing up, were you the child that just never shut up? All in favor of Swiss taking a 30 day sabatical from commenting, say I.



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run for the hills

GottaloveNorwalk- Same thing applies!

Dr. Information

Complain because there is a new levy on the ballot. Complain when the levy gets shot down and they are forced to use alternative methods.

You people amuse me.

swiss family

i didn't hear anyone complain when the levy failed... and the people who did NOT want the levy are not complaining about cuts taking place.. they are complaining that the school board will not listen to the public and make cuts where the actual waste is.. in personnel... not in kids playing sports or busing....do you see that??? you are a very deep and complex thinker......said NO ONE !!!!!lolol

Dr. Information

27 positions have been cut through attrition and letting people go over the last couple years. So yes they have listened to the public. More words of wisdom from the messiah Swiss cheese.

swiss family

being derogatory really does NOT help your cause you know.... you have the same attitude that we so often well, actually always. where you seem to talk down to anyone with an idea

I am not saying I have all of the answers, but please notice how I admit that.I think we, as a taxpaying community would like the school board to admit that as well. I know I would appreciate it if instead of them just keeping their cards close to their chest , and keeping us informed of where the money is currently going, and TELLING us they need money and refusing to take "NO" as an answer. I would love for them to ope3n all of the book, all of the expenses, all of the costs, all of the salaries, all of the bills, on the table, and saying to the community."Please" Please help us see how we can make this work without the levy, as you taxpayers seem to think we can" I think it would open up a RARE communication and trust between the public and the school board, and I think that many, many people would be able to show them the difference between a "want" and a "need"

For far too long the school board has just decreed that "we need more money" and I wish for every family's sake that we had the same option to help our home budgets. We have to make cuts to make sure that OUR money stretches to pay for our needs.. why can't the schools do so??It is pretty obvious to the people in the community that every time a levy fails, instead of the board hearing "NO" and adjusting to make the necessary cuts...they only hear "Not this time< try again in a couple of months"and as the icing on the cake go straight to the heart and of course make the busing routes and schedules more difficult to punish as many of the disobedient voters as possible, and along with that they make families pay more for their child's participation in any sport they want to get involved in.....I am not saying that at some point those changes might need to be implimented, but it should NOT be the first actions taken.. I have compared this before to the family that sees their budget and know they need to make cuts, and deciding to sell the car as the first change.. yes it will create more finances, but it causes way too many problems to start there..


You are a coward Swiss! Do as I suggested to you before and contact the Superintendent and ask how you can share your brilliance, wisdom and extensive expertise in school funding issues. We are sick of seeing your idiotic attempt at convincing others that you know best. The schools are looking at all of their expenses and trying very hard to make the cuts that have the least impact on the educational programming of the district. Believe it or not but schools are in the business of educating their students and that should come before extra-curriculars and busing. I for one applaud the district's attempt at educating first and foremost and just maybe the students will come out of their with a lot more common sense than you have.

swiss family

I am sorry but to call me a "coward" is inappropriate, and against the rules of conduct...I am not a coward.. I had no problem spelling out my ideas, and my opinions on here.You can see yourself that going into the school board meetings or to meet with the Superintendent at this time, would be one citizen, against as has been reported here...nearly 30 teachers.. so I would be attacked there more than I am under attack from you.

I do not understand where all of your anger comes from?? I merely pointed out some discrepancies, and questioned some of the policies.. so does that make me a "coward" or a "radical??? maybe to you, who obviously likes things just the way they are.. which makes me wonder why you blindly support anything without knowing where your money is actually going.I have not said that we need to cut any teachers.. have I??I have given my opinion, JUST LIKE YOU HAVE, but I get called childish names for speaking my mind, and you do not..I have to say that the word "bullying" sure comes to ,mind here....I haven't even accused anyone of misspending any funds.. ll I have done is ask for the facts.. after all how does anyone make a reasonable and INTELLIGENT decision without having the facts..I am believing and hoping that the school board will supply everyone a copy of the facts, because I am sure they have nothing to hide.

Let me explain it to you this way..I am willing to bet that if you made and review your household budget, and were absolutely sure that you could not finds any more waste to cut...I am sure if you showed that trimmed down budget to anyone else, they could find more cuts of things that are "wants" and NOT "needs" but because you have gotten used to the luxuries that you enjoy, you get them mixed up.. that is what I think of the school boards budget...If you decide to respond.. Please treat me with the same courtesy that I have shown you..after all, that is what the guidelines call for



I did not tell you to go to a board meeting, I told you to simply contact the Superintendent and find out how you can get involved to better learn and understand the district's position. I don't know your own personal financial position any better than you know mine so commenting household budgets as no relevance to your arguement. I just want you to take your energy, that you clearly have in these long-winded comments and direct it in a more positive manner that could actually make a difference.

I don't call you a coward to belittle you but to get you to see what I see in these posts. These posts don't make any difference in what the school's decisions are going to be moving forward so get involved any way you can directly with a school or the district to really understand the financial undertaking of running an Ohio Public School system. I am not just a citizen but a practioner as well.

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run for the hills



Welcome to parenthood.

Costs of raising two - legged kids increase every year. Did any of you think it would be cheap?

I don't envy any of you. I'm so glad I never had any. :)

Four - legged ones are expensive enough.


Cut teachers? We don't have enough teachers! Right now my child is one of 32. Smaller classrooms gives kids more one on one with the teacher. You all complain about our students education, but you all said no to education funding. Sports is a very big part of education. You learn respect, working together, disappointment, loyalty, and discipline all that is used in the workplace. They charge for sports and books, because the government is no longer giving to schools the proper amount of funding because we are so far in debt, but that is another conversation. If we won't give with taxes they will take it in fees.


A few years ago, we had some junior high football players trample through our yard peek into the windows of our cars, and crack a couple of house windows with a rock because of a dare. They were caught red handed still wearing their uniforms ... how do they learn respect, again?