Snowy, colder pattern forecasted for U.S. leading up to Christmas

Storm could develop right before holiday to bring millions of people a nice surprise.
Dec 12, 2012 long-range meteorologists are monitoring the potential for a colder, snowier pattern across the Plains and the East prior to Christmas.

Our forecast tools continue to show the potential for several storm systems that could track from the South to the East from next week through the holiday.

According to Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, "There could be one storm or three, but the truth is just as some people may think there isn't going to be a white Christmas, we could have a storm develop right before the holiday to bring millions of people a nice surprise for the holiday."

Another reason that the pattern could turn snowy and colder is because all signs point to a more active southern portion of the jet stream or "storm track."

Generally systems coming out of the South have a high moisture content and strengthen as they lift northward, which in turn drives cold air farther south.

According to Long-Range Meteorologist Joe Lundberg, "The first big event comes out of the southern Rockies late on Friday and Friday night, then cuts across the Plains and tracks through the Great Lakes this weekend."

A track like this would almost certainly bring some snow to parts of the Great Lakes over the weekend, but amounts and timing are still in question.

Lundberg also states that as this system moves into the East on Sunday and Sunday night, it could bring some snow to parts of New England as well.

Another storm could affect parts of the South and the East during the middle of next week with third system just before the holiday.

At any rate, even though there hasn't been a lot of snow so far this December, the signs of a snowier pattern are showing up. meteorologists are confident that there will be several opportunities for accumulating snow prior to Christmas from the Plains to the East and that will make some folks happy who wish for a white Christmas every year.

The other thing to consider is that a stormier pattern closer to the holiday could lead to increased travel delays both on the roadways and in the air. meteorologists will also be producing a daily travel weather video beginning today and continuing through Christmas which will outline travel trouble spots throughout the country.

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Cliff Cannon

And who say's prayer doesn't work ? " let it snow, let it snow,let it snow...."


Cliff, don't do your happy dance yet. Remember, meteorologists are the only people who can be correct 50% of the time and still keep their job. LOL

Cliff Cannon

@Windy : Great point !


@ CC:

An old truism:

What's the weather like today? The odds are better than 50% that tomorrow's weather will be similar.

See: Dec. 24. :)

I heard a prof in school once say that with their size and mass that the Great Lakes highly influence weather patterns, sometimes making accurate predictions very difficult in the Midwest.

He said that the best place for accurate weather predictions was The Atacama Desert - it almost never rains.

Maybe watch Tom Skilling on WGN and try to glean something from him?

The guy can be so annoyingly detailed that I'd hate to ask him the time of day. :)


Cliff Cannon

@ Contango:Perhaps,you think I am more " detailed " ( read that;boring) than Tom Skilling.

All I know is you left me drier than the 'Atacama desert' and perhaps, I deserved it.

So sorry,if I left you with a blizzard of emotions.Did not mean to snow you in,if I did.

Obviously,I was a Mike Hay fan. I had been meaning to ask you about Mike since the St.Paul/Chicago connection made you kind of naturals to be friends.

If you thought me nosing about, to try and figure out your real life name.I assure that was not my intention. My true intention was realized: Remind his friends, as well as tell the casual reader the truth about Mike Hay: He was an amazing,inspiration to all who knew him.

Again sorry,if my comment came across any other way to you

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Having traveled the Great Lakes region extensively. I've got to agree on what the Great Lakes does to our weather. Funniest thing, is how just a slight change in the wind dramatically changes the weather

For one example,I've been many times on the north side of BuFFalo where white out conditions were hitting. Only to crawl to the south side where it was basically dry. Or visa-versa.

You might enjoy this. I got my Chicago start in the winter of 78-79. Which of course,was the year of the blizzards there,that swept Mayor " Blizzard" Bilandic from city hall.I'll bet remembrances of those epic storms were in quite a few of your Chicago conversations.

Got a Chicago question for you. Did you know Mike Hay SPH 71 ? Mike was an extremely talented singer,who met with, and more importantly --overcame the tragedy of paralysis-- to go on to lead the Chicago diocese music department.

I only read about Mike and his twin sister as a boy in the "peeking at the Paulites" story's that used to cover our highschools here. Seemed like every week one of them was doing something spectacular.

Finally,met him in 1990. Then,when I heard this man--- with the voice of an angel sing. Instantly,he became the best singer,I've ever heard sing live. I kid you not, he was that good.

So here I am one monday reading the Chicago Tribune. When up pops a story about his retirement from the diocese. Man was I thrilled at such a coincedence of timing. I also brought the paper home for his saintly mother.

Here's hoping you knew this amazingly special man,who brought love to life, with both his actions and his voice.