Norwalk schools looking to go back to voters

A 5.5-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot would generate $1.85 million; an additional half-percent income tax would produce $1.7 million.
Cary Ashby
Dec 12, 2012

Will Norwalk City Schools be putting an emergency operating levy or a half-percent income tax on the May ballot?

The school board made the first necessary step to choose one of those two options at its regular meeting Tuesday. If the board didn't make such a resolution, putting a levy on the ballot wouldn't be possible for May because of various deadlines.

"It doesn't commit the board to putting a levy on the ballot in May," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said.

The 5.5-mill emergency operating levy would generate $1.85 million while the additional half-percent income tax would produce $1.7 million. Both levies would last five years.

A story about this subject was published on the front page of Wednesday's Reflector.


run for the hills


Dr. Information

@Swiss...Because you know how to run a business let alone a school. More peanuts from the peanut gallery. 27 positions have been cut. Pay frozen. Pay to play initiated years ago. You are right. The schools haven't done a thing.

swiss family

obviously the supposed cuts that you mention .. were NOT cuts in the correct places.. otherwise they would not keep coming to the taxpayers every year for more is a sad as the kid behind me at the local checkout the other day... Can I have some gum???' Please Mom ..PLEASEEEEEEEEE...(mom) ..NO ... waaaaaaaa... "can I have candy???""" PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..(MOM) "NO" wwwwaaaaaa... so the kid cries loudly, kicks his feet, thrashes his arms and has a "conniption"...... sound familiar??????

Dr. Information

@swiss. Once again, you said the schools haven't made cuts...etc. I clearly provided proof (which has been in the paper at least half a dozen times) that they have been trying over the years in various and different ways. You can't simply cut down the entire school to a handful of you would like. Since you are the one who thinks you know how to run this school system and every school system in the nation, why don't you go gather all the information (which is public) and devise your own little plan and present it to the school board. If not, then stop the bantering on here because thats exactly what it is.

run for the hills


run for the hills



Dear School Board Members and Superintendent. What part of NO did you collectively not understand. I live on a fixed income and I do not get any cost of living adjustments, yet you still want to try and squeeze blood out of a turnip. Did all of you graduate from college? Did you take any math classes? Did your teachers instruct that you cannot take something that is not there? I have not heard of any pay cuts for teachers or administration. Why not? That is what you are trying to do to the community by increasing the taxes without giving anyone a pay raise. No means No! Stop wasting time and money by figuring out how to take what is not there.

hit the road jack

Its not whats best for you,its whats best for me,don't you understand where their coming from?


I will support a Norwalk school levy the day my student beats the Norwalk city school teacher that lives next door home from school!!

Guy on a Buffalo

Another silly reason to vote no.


what does "that lives next door home from school" mean??? You comment make NO sense at all....

jack langhals

Whoever lives next to Fed Up drive slower on the way home !

Swamp Fox

Guy on Buffalo says "The teachers have taken no raises for the past three years." Does that include their automatic yearly "step increase" for 3 years? As for their $100 increase in insurance payments how does that compare to the private sector? Just Vote NO.......


@pittysakes...let me bring this down to your level. I live next door to s school teacher (someone that teaches at a school). She lives next door to me. (also known as a neighbor). This teacher, often tailgates my children to school because she is usually running late. When the bell rings, she must be standing by the door because she beats the high school kids out of there. She earns about $70,000.00 dollars. (not sure you can comprehend that amount). The least she can do is put in an 8 hour day. This is ONE reason I will not vote yes. (in other words, a NO vote!).

Guy on a Buffalo

So because a teacher works her contracted day and leaves when she's allowed, beating your children off the bus, while you lazily sit at home all day, is a reason to vote no. I gotta say, while super lame, at least it's original.

I may vote no because the grass at one of the schools near my house was too tall one day this summer.

Dr. Information

I too found fed2's reasoning for a no vote to be totally off the wall and not related at all. You have to realize who we are dealing with. Any and everyone will find a reason not to vote yes. I don't like Norwalks school vote for me.

run for the hills

Swiss Family - Were you the one child in the family that just talked forever because they enjoyed hearing their voice even though they told you to shut the h$ll up? Thought so!

swiss family

it is called an opinion... and I am proud of my opinions... I feel badly for people like you that seem to NOT have any real opinions on how to help solve a problem, but use your few working brain cells to bond real tight to only be able to come up with a lame insult... Please do not think for a second that your opinion sways me one little bit, because ,I do realize that it is lots of adolescent fun to come up with insults, and also take pleasure in seeing peoples short comings, but a mature mind will put it to better use and actually THINK.. and try to solve a problem that is in the making...please be content with your taunting and bullying.. I am not too sure you have enough working "cells" to ever do any better.

run for the hills

The problem is that you have an opinion on everything and all you do is rant. Do you really think that anyone on this website cares about your thoughts? You seem to think you have an answer for everything but your own problems. What problems have you solved in your rants? Not a da## thing. When will you be providing your manifesto because you apparently have answers for the worlds problems as well. By the way, you are still a moron.


Information for anyone interested in school levies.

Really are you ...

Instead of controlled burns, sell the Trooper conficated marijuna to States that have legalized it, and use that money to fund the school levies. Milan Troopers just confiscated 1.5 million dollars of it. O wait that would mean those who are suppose to be serving and protecting would be considered drug dealers. If it is destroyed in a controlled burn, are they users? Sorry, was just a thought. How much money does the school distrist get from the Ohio Lottery? Just wondering.


Year: 2011 Name: DOUGHTY DENNIS J. Positions: Superintendent District Norwalk City Norwalk City SD Salary: $110,259.00 Days worked: 260