New heroin trafficking charges for convicted baby-shaker

Rural Norwalk man is behind bars after his latest drug-related run-in with the law.
Cary Ashby
Dec 10, 2012


A rural Norwalk man with a lengthy history of recent drug convictions is accused of selling heroin twice.

Daniel Skodny, 29, of 4281 Laylin Road, is charged with two counts of trafficking in heroin. Each of the fifth-degree felonies is punishable by six to 12 months behind bars and a $2,500 fine.

Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara said the Norwalk Police Department coordinated two controlled drug buys that reportedly involved two doses of heroin each time on Jefferson Street. The suspected offenses happened Nov. 10 and 11.

Skodny was arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail.

In early October 2011, Skodny was ordered to spend up to six months in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. He is on three years of probation for a trafficking in cocaine conviction through Huron County Common Pleas Court.

The March 18, 2011 offense happened while Skodny was on probation through Norwalk Municipal Court for a possession of marijuana case. Huron County Public Defender David Longo had said financial stress was the reason Skodny was involved in the cocaine case.

"He wasn't making enough money to make ends meet at his father's bike shop," Longo said in October 2011.

Between the time Skodny pleaded guilty to the cocaine case in late August 2011 and being sentenced, he was convicted of possession of drug abuse instruments for a Sept. 3, 2011 incident. Skodny was on a bicycle at the time. Officer Paul Gardner, when stopping Skodny to talk to him, found syringes in the backpack he was wearing, marijuana in a baggie in his front pants pocket and some rolling papers in his wallet.

Skodny was sentenced to 30 days in jail and fined $300. The court also suspended his driver's license for six months. Also as part of his two years of probation, Skodny was ordered to have no convictions.

When being sentenced for selling cocaine, Skodny told Judge Jim Conway that he didn't want "anything to do with anybody who has anything to do with drugs" and claimed "I did what I did to support my kids," referring to his children, who were then 4 and 6. "I've gotten away from drugs," he added.

When sentencing Skodny to probation, Conway told him the programs at the CBCF will help him obtain job skills, keep him sober and help him tackle his drug addiction.

When presenting information to the judge about the cocaine case, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said: "Mr. Skodny is no stranger to common pleas court," referring to a highly-publicized shaken-baby case from several years ago.

Skodny was the subject of an investigation involving his then-5-month-old daughter in cases that went through common pleas and juvenile courts.

His infant daughter was taken to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and hospitalized with shaken baby syndrome (SBS) injuries such as retinal and cranial bleeding. The baby was in Skodny's care when the mother, Harlow, was at work during the February 2005 incident.

After the case was tried in the fall of 2006 in juvenile court, a judge ruled the girl was the victim of SBS.

Then in December 2006 in common pleas court, Skodny pleaded no contest to attempted child endangering in exchange for prosecutors dropping the more serious felony charges of felonious assault and child endangering. Skodny was sentenced to one year of probation with no jail time.


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Honestly, why does the whole "shaken baby" thing need to be brought up every time Daniel gets in trouble?? is completely irrelevant to the charges he was picked up on. That beautiful little girl is getting old enough to know what "baby shaker" means. what if she hears about this? how about the norwalk reflector have a little bit of consideration. SMH.


So is that all you see it as? "A shaken baby thing?" Like its no big deal? Maybe because with this guy it's one thing after the other. Shaking babies, trafficking heroin, what's next murder? He's already on the way there shaking babies. Maybe YOU need to understand that it is a big deal and should be brought up every time he is in the paper so everyone knows what he is capable of.


Because it shows what a d-bag this guy is. CBCF isn't working, this guy needs some serious prison time and not just another slap on the hand. Keep defending this piece of dirt, you'll be real popular on here!

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how about you reread what i posted. i didnt defend him, i only talked about his daughter. and yes, Daniel does need to sit in prison for a long time. ive known him my entire life, by no means and i defending him.


Sad to say that the kids are lacking for parental guidance; A Father who sells/uses drugs and a mother who will sleep with any guy who will buy her a drink at Charlie's Bar. I truly feel bad for those kids.

swiss family

I hope that the Judges , lawyers and Prosecutors are all very proud of themselves for how miserably they have failed the community , especially with this waste of space...You all gave him a year of probation for causing so much damage to a helpless child, by shaking the baby so hard or so often that it had retinal and cranial bleeding???? How do you sleep at night???

Talk about being out of touch,.... sadly there is a clause for when the sentence is considered to be too "cruel and unusual"for the crime... but I think we need to check into finding a term for punishments that are too lenient, and dangerous to the community that the legal and Judicial system is supposed to be looking out for.

Please "wildcat" you obviously are a part of the problem as well.. You ask why the "whole shaken baby thing"???? needs to be brought up??? REALLY??? SHAKEN BABY THING???????????I will tell you why it needs to be brought up EVERY time he gets into trouble!!! He could have killed that tiny baby... If we had a Judge with a brain and a heart he would NOT be anywhere near anyone where he could commit any other crime.. HE SHOULD BE BEHIND BARS FOREVER!!!!and if you can not see that , you are a part of his and our problem... You have to be his family.. no one else could minimalize his actions, intentionally hurting a baby that is NOT EVEN 6 MONTHS OLD!!!!!!!If you are family... be very proud... you raised a real winner here... he tries to kill babies, lies to the courts and the Police.. justifies drug sales because he doesn't make enough money.. is found in possession of needles and drugs.. which since he was on probation already SHOULD send him away for most of his life... but because of our wimpy Judicial puppets in this county... he will probably walk again.. after he serves 3 weeks at the drug house and then put under "INTENSE " probation... which is the same as telling him that this will "go on his permanent record"!!!!!

I can assure you that there are certain crimes, that although we will not be able ,so far ,to get the proper punishment for, because of Judicial waste... but those crimes will always resurface whenever the criminals commit any crimes again. Crimes and criminals like the guys that tortured and dismembered the helpless dog.. if they get in trouble I can assure you that the dog slaughter will always be brought up.... and with this scum here , every time he does anything illegal.. you can bet that the abused baby, and him being a large adult, and him shaking that baby and injuring and nearly killing it , WILL be brought up... and probably no one but you will be as classless and cold as to refer to it as "THE WHOLE SHAKEN BABY THING"...I pray that you do not have any other minors that you might be influencing.. because you really don't get it...and because of that , compounded with our weak Judicial system, every child, baby, animal, and elderly adult should be put on notice to watch for him and anyone that you helped to raise.. They are "bottom feeders"and go after the weak and helpless to make life easier for them.... so "sorry" if it bothers you that the newspaper keeps bringing up that whole shaken baby "THING>.......

Whiskey Tango F...

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

chicken noodle

Swiss why don't you go to law school and become a judge if you think you could do a better job.

swiss family

thank you

swiss family

if you actually "HEARD" what I typed.. or even "LISTENED" to anything that I WROTE.. perhaps it is you who are.. "IDIOTIC"??????


Adam Sandler fan huh?

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swiss cheese kat

SWiss, do the wimpy Judicial puppets in heroin county keep you awake at night? Swiss, do you have nightmares of criminals that tortured helpless dogs and cats? I pray that you do seek treatment for whatever ailment you have.


I won't bore anyone with 4 paragraphs of opinion. I will just state that some people will never change.

Paranoid Illusion

Just Google "antisocial personality disorder" and read the definition.


wildcatlove...I hope this little girl is old enough to know what "baby shaker" means and I hope she knows that that is exactly her father is and that he is a poor excuse of a human for having done this to her!


I think wildcat was simply point out that one has nothing to do with the other. Yes he is a monster for his previous crimes but they are unrelated and really do not need to be the focus of this crime.

Dr. Information

Just more local trash.


This guy is a scumbag, Throw his arse in prison and let Bubba shake him up like he did that little child. I sure would love to meet up with this piece of white trash I would stomp a mudhole in his arse.


Wildcatlove! I totally agree with you! Everyone here acts like they don't know what its like to hear a starvin 1month old scream for some milk but can't have any because her mom was born flat chested and dad is trying to nodd off but the nasty little demonic scream gets louder and louder you just wanna pull your hair out but you can't because you had to cut it short to assure you're safe from the head lice your other rugrats have you can't find the remote to the tv and mom is yelling down the steps something about a job... I'm sure he didn't mean it..

Simple Enough II

Very well done! "Golf Clap"!


where you been slim? your insight and wisdom have been missed.


now if cjbell would come back.. and taxpayer on the sr site all would be well with the world.

sick-n- tired

let's not forget reporters use all means possible to sell newspapers. everything printed is not always the truth


@ wildcatlove... im sorry to say but i hope the child some day does grow up to understand what her father really is it would be sad to think she would live her entire life as a lie, no she should not have to deal with it as a child but he did what he did. i know danny personally and from the time he attempted to abduct me and my cousin from a street corner at 14yrs old i have considered him a creep. it would do him some good to actually go to prison for the crimes he comitts. dealing cocain, harming innocent babies, breaking windows out of girls cars, breaking into peoples houses selling people heroin... are just a few things hes snitched his way out of. where the hell is the justice system? we talk about the crime and drug use in norwalk... get danny skodny off the streets and you might solve your problem...

sick-n- tired

I wish people new the truth about what they are flapping their jaws about before commenting. Like I said before just because you read something in the paper or online doesn't make it true.