Drug addict sent to prison for break-in

Suspect charged in break-in of Willard restaurant and carry-out business.
Cary Ashby
Dec 11, 2012


An area man pleaded guilty Monday to breaking into a Willard restaurant.

Jason L. Muhr, 35, of Mansfield, was convicted of one count of breaking and entering. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss a similar charge in connection with a July 30 incident at a Willard carry-out business.

Following Muhr's guilty plea, Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to nine months in prison.

A story about this case was published in Tuesday's Reflector.







9 Months wtf. 9 months. I cant believe this BS. No wonder everything gets broken into. How about 9 years sounds fair. 9 months this guy is laughing his ass off right now.


9 years is not an allowed sentence for B&E. If you have a problem with the allowed sentences you should contact your state representative.


Obviously you dont know this guy. Im sure without checking he has already been to prison for things of the sort.