Burglar pleads guilty to garage break-ins

Weiner will be sentenced in January for two charges of burglary and one count of theft of a credit card.
Cary Ashby
Dec 11, 2012


A Willard man pleaded guilty Monday to three felonies covering local vehicle and building break-ins.

Kyle S. Weiner, 23, of 410 E. Walton St., will be sentenced Jan. 22 for two charges of burglary and one count of theft of a credit card. In a plea deal, prosecutors agreed to dismiss the remaining six charges of his indictment -- two counts of burglary and four charges of breaking and entering.

Police from Greenwich, New London and Plymouth assisted the Huron County Sheriff's Office in the investigation that led to the arrests of Weiner and his two suspected co-defendants, William R. Barnett Jr., 21, of Shelby, and Alexander M. Hopkins, 21, of 133 1/2 McKim St., Bellevue. The victims of 300 vehicle and 150 building break-ins live in Celeryville, Greenwich, New London and Plymouth.

A story about this case was published in Tuesday's Reflector.









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swiss family

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Dropped6 different charges for a "plea deal". I got a deal for him. Let half the 450 people who he and his d bag friends stole from put him in a building and let them beat the s#*t out of him. No cost to tax payers, and way more self satisfaction. Hell, I'll even pay for the building rental. These punks know they'll be out stealing again in no time with more "plea deals" to come.


Oh no another plea bargain. Is this justice or the game show lets make a deal.

Simple Enough II

Shame that those elected do not take these crimes as serious as the victims do......Let me guess the sentance will include (Pick one or heck pick them all), get a GED, attend AA meetings, seek drug abuse counseling, enroll in a CBCF, seek gainful employment.. I hope the judge, defense lawyer and prosecutor, don't recieve anonymously for Christmas any gifts like slightly used GPS's or MP3 players! LOL.


A thought on plea deals. If used properly they can be an effective tool in the criminal justice system. If plea deals were totally elimnated and every defendant went to a jury trial the courts would soon be broke from the high costs involved. Unfortunately plea deals are used more to keep the prosecutors 'win record' higher than their 'loss record'. Though judges have the right to reject a plea, most do not. Pleas keep cases moving through the system. ANd no one wants to pay more in taxes to support a trial for each case, and it costs $30,000.00 + per year to house an inmate in a state prison. And who wants to keep paying this?


I think I proposed a good solution above. The justice systems a joke, and everybody knows it. Teach them a lesson, or expect to see them again and again and again. I bet if one of the victims beat this kids skull in with a baseball batt there wouldn't be any plea deals.


As it is written in the Bible, if one is found guilty of stealing, cut off his hand. Problem solved and court costs kept down. After stealing twice, it will make it much more difficult for him to steal again. Those found guilty of rape could have a similar consequence . . . . But, unlike stealing, those found guilty of rape would not get a second chance.

Sitting In The ...

It stupid that even though people repeatedly break the law they are sent to CBCF and once out they go right back to what they were doing and then after there arrested again they might be given prison time. If your looking for a waste of money look no further then CBCF what a joke their success rate has to be in the single digits.

swiss family

with all of these charges I will bet he gets>>>"intense" probation" this time...


I'd be content with a sledge hammer to both hands. Way more fitting for the crime


So how many of these druggie punk thieves end up seeing 30?