Father accidentally kills son, 7, outside gun store, police say

Man could face such charges as manslaughter and negligence.
Dec 9, 2012


A father shot and killed his 7-year-old son Saturday morning outside a Pennsylvania gun store in what police described as a tragic accident, authorities said.

The Pennsylvania State Police are investigating the death as an accidental shooting and are awaiting the results of the results of an autopsy.

"It's just a tragedy — it's terrible," Pennsylvania State Trooper Robert Perrine told the Los Angeles Times. He declined to comment further.

The shooting occurred Saturday morning in the parking lot of Twigs Reloading Den in Mercer, Pa. Police said the gun fired as Joseph Loughrey, 44, and his son Craig were entering their vehicle.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that Loughrey told police he had emptied the magazine of his 9-millimeter Taurus handgun, and he didn't know there was a bullet in the chamber. The gun discharged and his son was struck in the chest.

State police said Loughrey was cooperative and distraught during questioning, the newspaper reported.

"I know that little kid was everything to him," Mark McLaughlin, Loughrey's friend and co-worker, told the newspaper.

State Police Lt. Eric Hermick told the Tribune-Review that the man could face such charges as manslaughter and negligence.


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thats what you get for buying a crap gun... every time you pull the trigger of a Taurus, or in this case just having it on your person, is like handling a loaded hand grenade...

hipoint and taurus need to be looked into for the safety, or lack there of, of their products... cheep guns produced to be made easy to purchase for committing crimes...

i personally own guns, and paying a small amount extra for quality goes a long ways... tragic what happened to this child, and it'd be a shame if it happened because the gun malfunctioned... this could happen to more people... it would have been nice to know if the weapon was holstered or if the father was handling it at the time of the discharge...

Chef Mike

I would like to know some of that too. What catches my attention though, is how can someone, unless an absolute novice, think the gun is unloaded just because they took the magazine out?

Everyone that knows anything about guns, or has ever watched a police show, knows that you must clear the chamber after removing he mag.


Exactly. I teach my family the weapons handling safety rules taught to me in the Marines. # 1 is to treat every weapon as if it were loaded at ALL times. This way you learn to have respect for the weapon And where the muzzle is pointed. I wish people would learn this. There would be a lot fewer accidental discharges.


Unless one was going into battle, ONLY an idiot would chamber a round.
It wasn't the gun's fault.


I carry a loaded ruger9mm everyday also. No sense in carrying it if it's not ready in a split second if your life depends on it. I think theres a few details missing. Very sad that this happened.


So, just walking down the street or driving to and fro makes you feel like you are in a battlefield situation? No wonder this planet is so twisted.


@ luv
I carry a 1911 'cocked and locked' everyday. When you need it there is to much time wasted to chamber a round. I think Chef Mike hit it on the head when he said 'novice'. Though I can only imagine what the father is going through.


I can't wait to see in the paper where you shot your own foot. No BS.


@ Luv, I hope that never happens. :) But it also has to do with being comfortable with a weapon in that condition. Dad gave my first 1911 when I was 13 and spent years shooting competition with one. Though on a side note to this I vaguely (sp) remember years ago a LEO somewhere in I believe Ottawa County having his discharge when he sat down in a chair. He gave himself another 'crease' offset of the one God gave him. :)


To many people who have little or no experience buying and handling handguns. Talked to a friend of mine who works at a gun shop. He told me that there was a couple who came in to the store to buy a handgun. While he was showing them different models ... the man asked which end of the gun the bullets went in. Really?!? These are the people that make guns very dangerous ... not only to themselves ... but those close to them as well.


Rule #1 - ALWAYS check the chamber.

chicken noodle

Rule #1 Keep your finger out of the trigger well unless your about to shoot


Rule #1 Keep the dangerous end of the gun pointed in a safe direction, loaded or not.


3 VERY GOOD rules! I will not even accept a weapon from someone unless the action is open (cylinder out, slide locked back, ...) and they have checked it, then the first thing I do is check myself. Same goes for picking it up. A lot of people are shot by accident with "unloaded" firearms.


Well with the social climate we now are faced with, you will be having more and more inexperienced people purchasing and handling firearms. The mere thought of government takeover. Firearms (rights) outlawed. Only outlaws having guns. Have alot of people purchasing, THEN learning how to handle. Accidents will follow more. It's all about CONTROL. and many folks who otherwise would just be content are coming out of the shadows purchasing guns. For FEAR of CONTROL. My opinion


Very true statement. Firearms are only as dangerous as the person in control of it.


truckin you're absolutly right... the number ofgun sales is on the rise, but their going to people that have little to no clue as to what they're doing. check the mag check the chamber... that's what i tell people when i take them out to target practice... i treat each person as if they've never seen a gun before... and by the end of the day they're unconsciously checking these two things 5 times before they set the gun down to reload. he made many mistakes, round in the chamber, not checking it, no safety, having his finger on or near the trigger when the gun wasn't pointed in a safe direction, he wasn't aware of his surroundings, and he technically was brandishing a weapon in public... a novice at best that caused a senseless accident...

Brock Lee

poor father epic misteak


Welcome back, dumba$$. got tired of being hor mone?