Sex charges dropped against man, could be refiled

Man accused of inappropriately touching twin sisters.
Cary Ashby
Dec 9, 2012


Two charges of gross sexual imposition have been dismissed against a Bellevue man -- at least for now.

Brent E. Smith, 51, most recently of 112 Brinker St., was accused of inappropriately touching twin sisters some time in the last three years, police said. After an investigation by the Bellevue Police Department, he was charged with two fourth-degree felonies through Bellevue Municipal Court.

When asked about the charges being dismissed, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said there was insufficient evidence and further investigation was needed. While he declined to elaborate, Leffler said it's possible charges could be refiled later against Smith.

"We're hopeful we can refile. ... We have no time frame on that," Leffler said.

A Huron County Children Services case worker interviewed the two 10-year-old girls March 4.

One of the girls reported being touched inappropriately by Smith twice -- once reportedly when her sister was in the room, police said.

The other sister accused Smith of putting his hand down her swimsuit and touching her "skin to skin" when they were at a friend's pool. During another suspected incident, the girl accused Smith of licking her private parts, police said.

Leffler said at least one of the girls is undergoing counseling.

Soon after the interview with the sisters, police arrested Smith and transported him to the Huron County Jail. He posted a $40,000 bond March 6.

On March 23, Bellevue Municipal Court officials transferred the case to Huron County Common Pleas Court for a possible grand jury indictment. The case was dismissed in early November without Smith being indicted by a grand jury.



if it were conjoined twins would he be charged with only one felony?


Nah, two minds means double rape. Pretty much what he's lookin' at right now?

Paranoid Illusion

I can think of something twin he owns that he should part with....


if he's guilty, i agree..


Too many times, recently, these stories turn out to be false reports.

There should be more supervision in situations like these, instead people leave themselves wide open, by being alone in the same room .

If he did IN FACT do it he should pay for it.


this guy looks like a pedophile!! hope he can fight because child molesters dont last long in prison!!!


@ mitchell
1] What does a pedophile look like? Is there some type of profile to use?
2} He'll be fine in prison. Nothing will happen to him. TV is wrong on that. I know this because I've been a C/O in the state system for almost 15 years now.


mitchell knows what a pedophile looks like because he looks in the mirror everyday. There can't be any other reason he would say something like that.


@ luv
I thought the same thing. :)


This is actually a really good guy that got caught up with a crazy women who uses her kids as ammunition to get her way. This is not the first accusation she has had her kids make. Good job printing this story Reflector, you guys sure threw him under the bus when he got accused.


@rickross2 - indeed. both the register and the reflector failed to provide all details of the situation and, once again, reported only what sells newspapers. nowhere in the above article is it mention that this man supported these girls and their mother for a several years with no allegations being made until he tried to break it off with mom. free ride was about to be over. he is a good man and these publications could care less about the truth.


Yea, thats the story I got too. Its a shame that it got as far as it did. From what I understand, there's a guy in Prison right now for the exact same thing she tried to pull on old Brent. O well, you know how women are. LOL