Semi drags car 50 feet

Norwalk accident seriously injures two passengers.
Cary Ashby
Dec 8, 2012


A collision between a tractor-trailer and small car dragged the car about 50 feet in the opposite direction and seriously injured the occupants early Friday.

The driver of the 2013 Freightliner semi, James D. Myers, 40, of Bellaire, was charged with making an improper turn. The other motorist, Tami Fuchs, 41, of Sandusky, was stopped for the red light in the northbound lane of Whittlesey Avenue before the collision.

Myers was turning south off West League Street and crossed over the straight and turn lanes for the northbound traffic on Whittlesey, Norwalk police said.

The trailer dragged the 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier driven by Fuchs about 50 feet southbound. The car sustained severe damage to the left front.

Myers wasn't injured, but North Central EMS transported Fuchs and her two 20-year-old passengers, Chelsie N. Fuchs, and Tara L. Hamon, both of Sandusky, to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with serious injuries. No information was available about their condition.

The accident was reported at 3:47 a.m.






Couldn't even get the distance right from the headline to the first sentence in the story? How could the driver not realize he is dragging a car? I've driven tanks and known that I hit or ran over a vehicle!

Cliff Cannon

@ Uputwhatwhere7 : Great point. " How could the driver not realize he is dragging a car " As a life long truckdriver,I can testify to what you already know: Tons and tons of people drive trucks that should not be allowed close to them ( I do not know this driver,just making a point)

So one must urge drivers everywhere to give trucks as much space as possible. Obviously, there are many skillfull truckdrivers who drive with class. Still,the nature of the industry ( who wants to drive over the road and be gone from home for little pay)lends itself to far to many drivers who can drag a car fifty feet and not know they did it

So please ---be careful--- around trucks so you are not the next one underneath a truck


I wish somebody at the Norwalk Reflector would start doing some proof-reading.

Sitting In The ...

It like they don't even try anymore....Is there an editor still employed there?. "The trailer dragged the car" really ? First off your not sending a text so type out the number it looks much better. My goodness I've seen Eighth graders with better grammar skills.


I think it's all fuchsed up.....


Lol! I guess when you rag on them enough they look at what they wrote and fix it.


the earth is shifting back onto it's axis..


No it isn't. We only have 14 days left...:)

Cliff Cannon

@ luvblues2 : On 14 days left ? Better get ahold of some competent truckdriver to haul your stuFF...... where ? :)


Doesn't matter. LOL. Haven't you been paying attention? The world is supposed to end on 12/21/12.


Cliff Cannon

@luvblues2: Yeah,I've been watching that Mayan calender thing for fun. It is true,of course,something major ----WILL HAPPEN----that day.(It will be the shortest sun lit day of the year :)

Still, we truckdrivers don't care if the world ends that day. If we have a load to deliver,we will.But again to where ? :)

Great day to you

P.S. Have you had the chance to enjoy the Blues on Beale st. in Memphis?

swiss family

is it possible to stay ON topic???




Best ribs at B.B Kings on Beale st.

Cliff Cannon

@ truckin: Hard to argue about B.B.Kings food. However, I do think Memphis took away some of the texture of Beale st. by putting that ugly concrete bowl of an arena right next to Beale. Would you agree ?


??? I can't remember everything..did the Elvis thing back in the late 90's. Not sure of downtown lately.. Just remember the couple blocks shut off to traffic, kids doing tricks in the street, live music on stage and a plate of ribs hanging off both sides of the plate.

Cliff Cannon

@truckin: Gotcha. Yeah,Memphis did something very stupid in my opinion. They went out and got an NBA ( So they can be in the 'majors' right?) team. Cost this impoverished city at least 350 million.

So instead of using the "Pyramid" with it's unique style,design and riverfront location. They build this ugly concrete monstrosity of an arena about a block south of Beale.

In fairness,their downtown like so many others has been hollowed out.So perhaps,city planners should be given a break.No doubt,they are hoping to draw folks back into the city.Still,the arena is ugly.The money could've spent (IMO) better and perhaps worst of all for their sports fans---the team,to date hasn't did much


This truckin incident is happening more and more frequently. Not even LOOKING..The current job market has brought men and women to the industry past yrs. who have no desire or will to drive a truck. Just due to economy, advertisement and easy school qualifications. Thinking of the public "well this is a brain dead job" "I'll do it for awhile till the job market picks back up". Are realizing not every tom,dick or harry can drive and drive safely. But nothing will change. Whether politics, immigration, gender quota's or ???? There will be a growing percentage of dumb accident scenes as this. It's all just factored in the percentages.