Troopers seize $15,000 worth of Rx pills during traffic stop

Suspect caught speeding on the highway, leading to drug search.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 7, 2012


A Michigan man is facing felony drug charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized 609 prescription pills, worth an estimated $15,000 following a traffic stop in Wood County.

Troopers stopped a 2012 Dodge Avenger, with Illinois registration, for a speed violation on Interstate 75, near milepost 193, at 8:04 p.m. Wednesday. Troopers observed criminal indicators and a Patrol drug-sniffing canine alerted to the vehicle. A probable cause search of the vehicle revealed 248 Oxycodone, 92 Hydrocodone and 279 Xanax pills in the trunk.

The driver, Leonard Charles Denson, 22, of Detroit, Mich., was incarcerated in the Wood County Jail and charged with three-counts of trafficking drugs, one a third-degree felony and two fourth-degree felonies; and three-counts of possession of drugs, one a third-degree felony and two fourth-degree felonies. If convicted, he could face up to 14-and-a-half years in prison and up to a $35,000 fine.

Drug violations are up significantly this year. Through Dec. 1, troopers have made 1,381 more drug arrests than during the same time period in 2010 – that’s a 24 percent increase in drug violations.



Another illegal search and seizure. Why does the Reflector always put the drug busts up and the Register never does? It's almost like you people purposely make Norwalk look like it has a terrible drug issue and Sandusky is squeaky clean? I realize that this didnt happen IN Norwalk, but it still paints that picture.

chicken noodle

How is this an illegal search & seizure?


didn't happen in Sandusky either.

Annoying squirrel

Rickross2 please explain how you want the police to get the drugs off the street? I mean it. Quit running your mouth about illegal searches of drug dealers. You have no idea what you're talking about. Another illegal drug smuggler is the only illegal thing in this story. Oh and the people of average intelligence and above know this happened in Perrysburg (cuz its in bold letters at the top of the article).

Dr. Information

$'s Norwalk news. If you want Sandusky news google the Sandusky register. It's full of drug stuff.