Schools to face 'serious change' in new A-to-F report card

It will be tough to meet the new standards, local officials say.
Cary Ashby
Dec 12, 2012


Ohio schools soon might face a new A-to-F report-card system and a harder time earning high marks after the Republican-led House approved sweeping changes to the state's school-accountability system.

Local school officials say it's "do-able," but it will be tough to meet the new standards.


"It's going to be a serious change," said Willard City Schools Superintendent Jeff Ritz, who is "four months into this job."

From the perspectives of Ritz and Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty, legislators have said they believe too many schools received "excellent" or "effective" marks or were getting graded too high under the previous system.

Norwalk currently has been graded as "excellent." Doughty said the equivalent grade on the new scale would be a "B."

Willard would be "a low 'B' or high 'C,'" Ritz said.

The full version of this story was published in the Reflector.



Too bad we can't grade the politicians. I think most would find themselves all wet . . . well below "C" level! LOL


I think it is ironic that you have a screen name that is Windy because you certainly seem to blow a lot of hot air. Representing the community as a politician or a school system as an administrator is a pretty thankless job. They are constantly scrutinized by people exactly like you who never lift a finger to become involved yourself or engage themselves to make a difference. What a coward you are to sit on your hands and heckle the people who are out there digging in. I wonder how you would score...