Norwalk woman recovering after being hit by car

No charges have been filed in the pedestrian-vehicle accident.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 6, 2012


A Norwalk woman who was hit by a car on Milan Avenue on Tuesday evening remains hospitalized in Toledo.

Roberta Vick, 33, of East Willard Avenue, Norwalk, stepped into oncoming traffic on Milan Avenue just north of Williams Avenue and was struck by a northbound vehicle, Norwalk Police Capt. David Smith said.

Vick was transported from the scene by North Central EMS to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and later flown by LifeFlight to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

On Wednesday, a Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center spokesperson said Vick was listed in serious condition.

A person close to Vick posted an update about her condition, saying the woman "has no broken bones" and is "able to talk."

"She was in a coma and had a breathing tube yesterday but the tube was taken out and she is breathing on her own ... The nurses said they were surprised how well she is doing and that she didn't have anything seriously wrong."

No charges have been filed in the pedestrian-vehicle accident.



Anyone want to take a wild guess as to who is footing this bill?


oh maybe you would rather have had them just leave her there and not bother to save her life because she might not have insurance. don't be a jerk, fedup2.


I'm guessing her insurance company is paying for most of it & she will cover the rest.


I heard she was home and nothing was broken.....


"Zombiefan1982"...don't worry IF you work you will be helping to pay as well. I never said, leave her there. However, in the future I would appreciate it if she would look both ways crossing the street next time. I pay enough medical bills for people I don't know. Is there safety town classes for adults?