Cops need help ID'ing break-in suspects

Two suspects are shown in the surveillance footage wearing masks.
Cary Ashby
Dec 6, 2012


Police are seeking the public's help in identifying two masked suspects who broke into a local eatery.

Bellevue Police Detective Tom Saleski said the suspects used a crowbar to pry open the double doors at Bierkeller Pub, 600 Southwest St. The incident happened about 2:45 a.m. Nov. 26.

The two suspects are shown in the surveillance footage wearing masks that cover their faces. One mask is light colored and the other is dark. Saleski said the man wearing the dark mask took it off, presumably because he got hot while attempting to open a safe. That suspect appears to have a small beard or goat-tee while the suspect who remained masked is wearing glasses.

The culprits are accused of taking money out of the safe and stealing a switch box. Saleski said the money is the equivalent of two bank deposits.

"It would be well over $2,000," the detective said. "(The exact amount) is undetermined at this time."

Saleski suspects the same people who committed the Bierkeller break-in did a similar crime next door at Bellevue Meats, 616 Southwest St., Bellevue, about an hour earlier. He said the suspects left a weighted bar used when wrapping meat at the second business.

It's unknown how the suspects fled the scene.

Anyone with information about the crime is encouraged to call the Bellevue Police Department at (419) 484-4444.

Detective Eric Burt also is investigating the recent string of break-ins and vandalism incidents in Bellevue. Also hit were Great Lakes Packing, the VFW, Gildemeister and Dendinger's car wash.

Burt said police found an arrow-shaped rubber band-like item at one of the crime scenes that appeared to be "out of place for this establishment." Detectives said they later were able to identify the object and didn't elaborate on what its use or purpose was.



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swiss cheese kat

Is there a reward?