Deputies trade paint for training exercise

Cruiser receives minor damage after being hit by deputy's bullet.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 6, 2012


A Huron County sheriff's cruiser received minor damage at a recent training exercise held near Bellevue.

Sheriff Dane Howard said the exercise took place at the Norfolk & Southern range on Nov. 19.

"This was a training exercise for all gun-carrying deputy sheriffs here," Howard said.

During the training, deputies were required to shoot from a cruiser, shoot while exiting the cruiser and then fire their weapon from various points around the vehicle.

"During this exercise, Detective John Harris did peel some paint off the hood of a cruiser," Howard said. "He shot right across the top of the hood and peeled some paint and left a small dent.

"This was expected," the sheriff added. "That's why we used an old, rusty cruiser with 190,000 miles."

This training was recommended by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy.

"This training was extremely intense and the deputies were required to move rapidly," Howard said. "This exercise was very stressful and very realistic."

"We wanted to make this exercise as realistic as possible," Capt. Ted Patrick added.

Patrick said the training was set up as if the deputies were ambushed.

"The deputies had to fire on command and use the engine block as protection," Patrick said. "We don't want the deputies using the car door as protection. Don't take a position behind a car door."

Howard said the purpose of this training was officer safety. About total 25 deputies including jail, road and special participated.

"We're very concerned about the safety and welfare of the deputies," he added.

"This wasn't a pass-fail exercise," Howard said.

"If a deputy is on a county road and is in the middle of a gun battle, the only protection they might have is their cruiser," Patrick added.

Howard said Harris faces no discipline for the cruiser damage.

"Again, we expected this to happen," he said, adding a dent is a small price to pay for improving officer safety.

"We'll do this again," Howard said.



Let the haters start complaining. I for one am happy they are using real world training tactics. Wish I could have been there shooting too!


Oh, you can damn sure bet they'll be here. Soon, too.

Sitting In The ...

What there to hate? Officers training in exercises that could one day save their life?. What exactly would the haters complain about a minor incident involving a car with almost 200,000 miles on it? I for one would think you would get more haters if that had been one of the brand new Dodge Chargers. Hopefully you can clear this up for me.

Dr. Information

Who gives a crap about a beat up old 190K car. Put a bunch of holes in it. This is why they do this training. To sharpen their skills and not harm anything worthwhile. The only douche bags that will complain are the ones who have nothing better to do with their life.

hor mone

"This training was extremely intense and the deputies were required to move rapidly," Howard said.

I cain't move rapidly!




According to the Sheriff 190k is a front line car. But a little shaved lead on the hood won't kill it. I hope that give the poor guy another chance.


I hope thay do year round real life training. So when winter comes thay can do the moves with the winter jacket on. And get an old door from the junk yard to be a visual aid as to why it's not a shield. Nothing wrong with practicing something you hope you never have to use. Just like a fire drill you hate doing it and at the same time hope it never realy happens.


Peeled some and a left a small dent? Wow, was he using a little Pop Red Rider BB gun? A real bullet does not leave a dent; it makes a hole. This incident occurred on Nov.19 and now is just being published Dec.06. Time framed don't add up.


Small dent = deflected shot. It doesn't make sense that he would shoot directly AT the hood. It sounds as if he was shooting OVER the hood, and the shot went a little low. At least that's how it sounds to me, and I try to be a reasonable person. In regards to the time frame, big deal. They had a training exercise, probably evaluated it and discussed it internally, then published it. Maybe they were waiting for the county maintenance guy to patch it up, to show it was no big deal!


It's just NOW being published because somebody posted something about it in another article.. that it was being kept "hush hush". People have no idea what the real story is, but want to get on here and start stirring the pot... so Sheriff Howard obviously felt the right thing to do, was to let the public in on what really happened. But yet, I see someone already had to poke fun at him for how he said something. My guess is.. that someone is a previous jail inmate and they didn't like the way they were "treated", so they feel BIG saying something stupid on here. I am thankful that the Sheriff department takes time to have training like that. I mean, look at what NORWALK (a kids place) is coming to, all the heroin, and other drugs... not so KID friendly. I am glad to know that they are ready to protect us in an intense situation. Thank you Sheriff Howard and all the deputies, specials, K9's, and jail staff. No one seems to appreciate the people that babysit the criminals on a 24/7 basis. They just find reason to bash them. I know, it's a job I could NEVER do. I don't have time for ignorant ADULTS!

MY MY Why do th...

So wouldn't make sense to get one of the door liners that are available today they are made by several companies. And are able to defeat up to 7.62 (.308) . This should be a must have since 9 out of 10 times these officers respond alone to calls in the twp areas.


I don't care what you shoot and how you shoot it. Just take that fat sheriff's picture down. How can you have that body style and call yourself a cop?

Sitting In The ...

That the best part of the any story involving the Sheriff. The one I like the most was when they had a story where they claim he chased after a suspect, I mean come on lets keep it in the realm of possible.




Doughnuts? Anybody got doughnuts? LMAO