New fire truck coming soon

Vehicle comes with a cost, including interest, of $900,000.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 6, 2012


Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Norwalk city council appeared to act on that philosophy at Tuesday night's meeting, as council unanimously passed the 2013 budget and the lease-purchase of a new ladder fire truck.

The vehicle is a Sutphen Monarch 95-foot aerial platform truck. It has a cost, including interest, of $900,000.

A story about this and other matters discussed by council was published in Wednesday's Reflector.


twig you go again letting your lips flap wihtout thinking. Sounds to me like you want to be a volunteer fireman so bad you can't stand it. Move to Milan, Monroeville or any of the other towns with a volunteer department so you can become a fireman. Maybe if you ask real nice one of the Norwalk fireman will give you one of their badges just to make you feel good.


I heard that this fancy new truck will not even fit in the current fire station. Are they going to keep it at the city's last tax waste-the over priced Lumberyard? What a joke they make of the taxpayers in this town. It is never-ending.


If the city recieved a $1 for every ignorant comment on here they could have paid for that truck already. What's your life worth? What about your family. What are their lives worth. Obviously you folks have put a price tag on it. Everybody wants a fire dept but nobody wants to pay for one. Norwalk doesnt need a ladder truck. Norwalk never has fires that big. Except like when Janesville goes up in smoke or the Durable Mat fire or the Shamrock which could have been catastrophic had that fire spread into the adjoining buildings that line Main St. which if I am not mistaken are all at least 95ft tall. Ask Mark Schaffer if Norwalk needs a ladder truck since they just used it last month for several hours to put out his grain bin that went up in smoke. But that doesn't effect you folks right. Nothing like that is ever going to happen to you. It always happens to the other guy right. And then one day a fire comes along and Norwalk rolls out their relic of a fire truck out of their relic of a station and it breaks down and somebody dies as a result. What do you think would happen. Every single person thats on here complaining right now would be complaining about why the fire dept doesnt have the proper equiptment to have prevented that death. But this is podunk Norwalk. Nobody has ever been trapped by fire or died in a fire here. How many people commenting on here right now have ever even set foot in that antique of a station or have the slightest clue what the fire dept. needs are or even the number of ways a ladder truck can be untilized during a fire or rescue. Ignorance is bliss until one day your butts hanging out of a window with flames shooting up backside and no ladder to get you down. Don't worry though your safe. It only happens to the other guy in the other town.

hit the road jack

WRONG!(1) do you remember the durable mat fire? I doubt it,the fire was NOT in the building it was out back and all NFD did for a month was spray water,if they would have had the foam truck it could have been put out in no time. (2) Mark Schaffer's grain bin probably should have burned,they probably took the GMO grain to the landfill anyway. (3) If a fire truck with a diesel engine does not start to go to a fire,THEY SHOULD BE FIRED ON THE SPOT!


Uhhh WRONG! I do remember the Durable Mat fire because I worked it. Maybe you forgot that Durable Mat burnt to the ground about 5 years ago and not only did Norwalk use their ladder truck but Bellevue's ladder truck was called in as well. Further more the use of foam was not even an option at the time of the fire you are referring to as the system did not even exist on fire apparatus. Mark Schaffers grain bin should have burned? Seriously who roots for the destruction of other peoples property? Regardless of your personal feelings towards Mark the ladder truck was still used to do the job it is ment to do which is the actual point of this discussion. In regards to your last comment I have no idea what you are even referring too. Who should be fired and for what. Am I to assume that diesel engines never malfunction or that the only mechanical issues that a 20 year old truck with 1000's of moving parts is only prone to engine failure. I was not aware that fire trucks with diesel engines are exempt from mechanical failures. You should probably bring that point up to Norwalk City council and dazzle them with your superior knowledge of the mechanics of fire trucks and diesel engines. You might be able to show them the folly in purchasing new trucks in the future if you just point out that simple fact!

hit the road jack

Do you smoke crack or what? Durable mat burnt to the ground? that just proves my point,you were to say the least worthless at a rubber fire! your a tard,I didn't say anything about Mark,my comment was for the worthless GMO grain in the bin that may have been sent to the landfill anyway,in case someone in your position wouldn't know any foodstuff that comes into contact with smoke or fire is not allowed to be used in the food industry. and my last comment(I will put it into 3rd grade language for you,if all you can do is sit around the fire house every day never starting these trucks to make sure they are OK you deserve to be fired,I don't give a damn who you are! I also know fire trucks are equiped with 2 starters in case one doesn't work,which maybe you didn't know.Obviously someone needs to help someone out when purchasing new equipment,you don't buy a truck that you have no place to house it,how stupid is that?


Why don't you do some research before you speak. Apparently the fire at Durable Mat which required 3 fire departments to extinguish and leveled the offices and eastern portion of the manufacturing facility several years ago was a hallucination. Look it up. Secondly why would the city of Norwalk purchase a million dollar vehicle and have nowhere to house it. Where did you hear that story from. Most certainly from someone with extensive knowledge on the subject I am sure. The new truck would be the same size as the old truck and regardless the truck is custom built to the departments specifications. Heights and lengths can be modified to each departements specific needs as Milan just did in order to have their new truck fit into their station. I was not aware that as long as you start a vehicle daily that it is a sure fire way of preventing mechanical breakdowns. It's a 20 year old truck but as long as they start it every day it should last forever. What if the ladder malfuctions or an outrigger. A pump perhaps fails. A hydrualic line bursts. Just last month on the east coast a ladder collapsed with firefighters on the ladder. "I dunno Chief. I just looked at it this morning so you know there was no way that ladder could collapse". Years of stress and repeated use begin to strain wear on a vehicles components. I am to assume that the firefighters/mechanics are to inspect every minut inch of every fire truck every day and by that simple measure somehow guarantees that no mechanical issues will arise. "We just checked it today so there is no way no how anything is going to go wrong". Famous last words. I bet you dont go buy a 20 year old vehicle but you expect the fire apparatus to maintain the same level of operation 20 years later as it did from day one. In regards to the corn dryer your still missing the point. The discussion is on the usefulness of a ladder truck. It's a fire and it's 80 feet up. No ladder truck how are you going to put it out. I am assuming your point being that the corn is not going to be any good now anyway so you might as well just let the dryer burn? Just to help you out here is a link to a news report on the fire at Durable Mat which I imagined while smoking crack.

hit the road jack

Well,if it took 3 departments and the building and contents were a total loss I'd not run my mouth about being a top notch fire dept. and a 95 ft. truck will not make this sound any better,and isn't the truck already built? if so the size is pretty much determined already and like any public employee will say,you have to have a new building for this truck,our old building is outdated too! I am not as dumb to the facts as you may think about the inspections of these type vehicles,like they must be inspected periodicly after they get to be a certain age by a certified inspector,hell,who says a new trucks hydraulic pumps won't fail next month? repeated use? in Norwalk? come on,give me a break! and yes I would buy a vehicle 20 yrs. old if it were used no more than a firetruck is,don't be so lame,how many miles did the pumper they sold a couple years ago have on it after all them years they had it?As far as the dryer,well I'd almost bet there is a BRAND NEW ONE sitting by the grain bins now,so whats the big case of sweating about that,hell by the time Norwalk got there it was burnt up anyway,and by the way the link doesn't prove anything other than their was a fire at durable mat,duh!


Well I would love to continue this conversation but as the ever popular Mark Twain once said, "Never argue with a stupid person. They will just drag you down to their level and beat you up with experience". You obviously have all the answers and have done an insurmountable amount research on the matter and have the inside scoop as well as having extensive knowledge on fire behavior and all the in's and out's of the fire department in general. The fabled fabled fire at Duable Mat was just a figment of imagination. You seem to have a large amount of disdain towards the Norwalk Fire Dept. and all firefighters in general. The second a story is published on the fire dept you are the first to post your contempt for the department in writing. Your arguements are not only pointless but laughable. You have not made one valid point regarding the topic of this discussion. I would like to continue this but you cant have a conversation with somebody who already knows everything about everything. Please deposit your $1 or several dollars in your case. That is all!

hit the road jack

Nope, I don't believe firemen can walk on water like you seem to think they can and I know how many public employees think,I've heard them all and their rants. The purpose of a fire dept. is to save a structure not let it be destroyed (like durable mat) and I don't know why your so hung up on durable mat? look pal, no one would listen to me if I had evidence on paper this was not a good route to take,so have fun with your new fire truck but don't ask me for money to build a roof over it.