New fire truck coming soon

Vehicle comes with a cost, including interest, of $900,000.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 6, 2012


Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today?

Norwalk city council appeared to act on that philosophy at Tuesday night's meeting, as council unanimously passed the 2013 budget and the lease-purchase of a new ladder fire truck.

The vehicle is a Sutphen Monarch 95-foot aerial platform truck. It has a cost, including interest, of $900,000.

A story about this and other matters discussed by council was published in Wednesday's Reflector.




hit the road jack

Just who in the hell is going to build anything around here to use this monster on? no one,oh well,they can change the lights in the bell tower at the local churches anyway.

MY MY Why do th...

Has anyone ever been to a lumber yard fire. Probably not. But you would use a 95" ladder on the backside of another building as protection to put water on the fire. A 95' ladder can be used as an unmanned monitor. for a railcar fire. Thats a device that sprays water that doesn't jeopardize the life of a fireman being in the basket. A 95' ladder can be extended to rescue people that get caught in a flash flooded road way. like So. norwalk rd. You all can't see past your nose. The thing you should be asking is how many years are left of service on the current ladder truck. is it getting close to its retirement age. could we have it retro fitted to bring it back up to spec? If not do we have a buyer for the old truck? what is the company going to give us for the old truck. Is the 900K for just the truck or is it for a fitted-out (fully equipped) truck.

hit the road jack

Do you remember what REAL firemen used to do? they drove around to the back side and fought the fire! This is anther thing that has bugged me for years,how can a peiece of equipment that is never used be worn out? they may tell you it is outdated but anyone who knows will tell you the old trucks were a hell of a lot better than the new garbage they sell at overpriced.


Just think how great it'll look in the 4th of July parade.

hit the road jack

Yea, the whole department will have to sit on their hands to keep from smiling and waving all day on the parade route! Now you know whats next? thats right,the new firehouse to house this big horse.


They had better take up a collection and start constructing it in their spare time, 'cause that's about the only way that boondoggle is ever gonna be built.




Dumb comment.


Bet the voters remember this.


More proof that it really doesn't matter what the citizens of this town want, or don't want. What a joke. All you can do is shake your head. Unbelievable, just unbelievable.

Dr. Information

They did the same thing back in Willard. Bought a truck and redid a fire station when the voters said no. Willard has a truck that reaches like 7-8 floors up. You know, cause Willard is full of buildings that are 7-8 floors.

When the tail is wagging the dog, why not shoot for the stars and ask for the cream of the crop (even when you don't need it) when you know you will get it.


Down her in southrn Heron county we don't figer numbers so gud. But ain't 9 hunert thousand dollerz close to a millyen, er summpin like that? I coud spend that much on a reel gud swammper truck fer that kinda muny an hav anuff left fer food fer my coonhounds to eet.




I'm sure Cedar Point will be happy to know Norwalk has a truck to come to the rescue when a coster is stuck at the top of a hill. Sandusky save your money Norwalks got this.


Boy some people just think they know everything. Just because there are no buildings that are 95' tall does not mean they don't need a truck to reach that high. There are several uses for a ladder truck, not just reaching to the top of a building. Can you guys think of anything around that might be tall? Water tower? Cell phone towers? Cliffs? Plus, when fighting a fire you need to be well above the fire. For example, if you have a 30' tall building on fire you will quite possibly use every bit of that 95' ladder to be well above the heat and the truck cannot always be positioned right up next to the building on fire.

hit the road jack

If you got a building 30 foot tall and its that hot who has the nads to get above it and spray water down? you? I doubt it.


I don't have a 30 foot tall building. Probably never will, either.

MY MY Why do th...

certainly not you. but then again you have no idea what you are talking about. See you have to get on the roof to vent the fire. venting clears the smoke in the building so you can see where the fire is. Thats why they break out the windows on the fire floor to let fresh air in. but only after you vent the roof. But if you aren't able to vent the roof you breakout a (one) window and vent it that way with the hose on a wide fog.


You don't need to keep selling it firefighter "blaze" tax payers already got bent over!


I'm not really "selling" anything. I'm just providing some information to some people that either were never informed or were misinformed.


I have an idea Norwalk ... and it will save you 450K. Send the 450k to Willard and every other month you guys can have the "tall" truck in your firehouse!! I mean, sure ... there is a chance that it maybe in the wrong town at the wrong time ... but what are the odds?!? Maybe then Willard will have the money to fix their terrible streets!!!!! What a joke




Privatize the NFD.

Also, the city council and Admin. had better figure out how to sell a number of city assets like property and buildings in order to help offset their profligate spending.

The city "geniuses" couldn't see the coming need and salt money away for it's inevitable purchase?

Let’s see how well citizens (many on fixed incomes) tolerate new taxes and fees. If the recent failure of the school levy is any indicator, it ain't gonna go well.

First the new garbage truck, now a new fire truck; watch the cascade as the NPD and other city depts. request new equipment.

Hey! You did it for them, why not us?


I could not agree more! Heck, call in some volunteers so we have some money to pay for this crazy truck. Out of Control! The brought in the new fire chief to take the fall for all the new equipment, since they knew Chief Colletta wasn't brave enough!

If the city spent as much as they do on fire equipment on the city infrastructure maybe the water lines on Oakwood wouldn't break. Think it is time for more garbage trucks, we all know BIG RED needs replaced!!

Maybe we can keep the old fire truck for the electrical department and the tallest Christmas tree in the world, so Summit Motorsports Park doesn't have to rent a ladder!

MY MY Why do th...

First off the 900k payment would be spread over the life of the truck. which I believe is 25yrs on trucks (ladder trks) and 20yrs on engines ( pumpers & tankers). Their is a problem with trying to re-privatize a dept that was made paid. First off who are you going to get to volunteer. This is OHIO where stuff is done A__ backwards. First off who is going to spend $1600.00 + to be a volunteer fireman. secondly how many paids are you going to keep and what ranks? It is easy to say privatize but you have no idea what in the world you are talking about. you must have your head buried in the sand. They need to change things in the dept. like getting paid for just showing up when a call comes in. The dept needs to be streamlined. cutout the extra perks. like getting paid for just showing up when calls come in. You should only be paid if you go to the call , not for just showing up at the firehouse. this gets expensive if you have several calls in the same day. Think about it eight guys show up and their are 5 calls that day but none of the 8 went to any of the calls. Thats $2600.00 or more of money that could of been saved for a call that required the extra manpower. It is easy to say but if you don't pay them they won't show up. Easy fix make it a requirement to have to maintain a 80% percentage to remain in good-standing to qualify for promotions and so on.If you fall below the 80 % you are not allowed to have things like overtime, Deduct vacation time 1 day = 5% to get you to the min. 80%


"Let govt. do it" - that's the idiotic knee jerk response to almost every social issue or problem.

Norwalk was the ONLY community in Huron Co. to show an increase in population in the 2010 U.S. Census.

Studies have shown that by 2020, 25% of the city's population will be seniors. Seniors tend to live on fixed incomes.

Where and what is the local economic catalyst in order to help offset the city's profligate spending?

New fresh thinking (like privatization and the selling of public assets) in order to offset the potential loss of city revenue is desperately needed.

IMO, same ‘ol same ‘ol is a road to future municipal bankruptcy.


Yippee, Yippee!! Our new truck is here!! You drive it. I don't know how to drive it. You go first, I don't know how to drive it either. Well, it sure looks purdy!!


I'll tell you one thing, this guy looks like "Stork" from "Animal House". It's uncanny. Look it up.


just curious did they seek quotes from other companies or just go with that one cause they liked the color.