Huron County mechanic placed on leave following DUI

Commissioners have made plans to have county vehicles repaired by someone else.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 4, 2012


The Huron County commissioners have placed the county mechanic on administrative leave.

"County mechanic Lon Burton is on administrative leave and is taking some vacation," Commissioner Larry Silcox said Monday.

"The mechanic was arrested for DUI a week ago last Saturday," Silcox added.

Silcox said he believed the Highway Patrol charged Burton with the DUI near Cambridge.

"The mechanic drives county vehicles and you can't drive a county vehicle if you have more than six points on your license," Silcox said. "Now, I don't know how many points he has on his license, but right now we're restricting him from driving county vehicles."

Silcox said no other decisions or options on Burton's overall status could be discussed until the commissioners received the results of Burton's court proceedings.

The commissioners have made other plans to have county vehicles repaired in the meantime.

"We have asked the county engineer to do emergency repairs," Silcox said. "He has agreed to do that."


Game time

Isn't this the same guy they have other problems with? Why not just get rid of him and find somebody that wants to do the job!??


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OSHP - Thank you for getting him off the road.

Fire him. No doubt that there are other more responsible and competent individuals that are waiting in the wings who would love to have his govt. job.


When you know the sheriff has put a target on your back. You're supposed to mind your P's and Q's.

jack langhals

I worked around there during The Sutherland Adm. and it seemed he did a good job !?????


Wow-everyone PO'd when he didn't put a radio in a car but don't have much to say when he gets caught drinking and driving that could've hurt or killed someone. Always amazes me where peoples' priorities are.


If I had to work for these clowns in office, I'd drink heavily too!! If I were him I'd quit and move on to a real career. They don't even know the difference between a mechanic and a RF tech.


Will Det. J.H. also be placed on administrated leave since he discharged his duty weapon and struck in intended target a "CRUISER" during firearms qualification? Luckily no one was wounded or killed. Did not see any articles in the N.R.. Welcome to Hazzard County S.O. yo al'.