Heroin dealer released early from prison

Convict enters Christian-based substance abuse treatment program.
Cary Ashby
Dec 4, 2012


A former Willard man who went to prison for selling heroin has been released early into a Christian-based substance abuse treatment program.

Bradley C. Jones, 39, will be transported directly from the local jail to the Teen Challenge program in Youngstown.

"It's a very rigorous and challenging program," said Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway, who also said other participants who completed it have done well afterward.

"I think you'll find it a worthwhile program, a life-changing one," the judge told Jones.

Jones earlier was sentenced to 17 months in prison total for two separate drug charges. In mid-May, he pleaded guilty to one count each of trafficking in heroin for a Dec. 9, 2011 offense and possession of heroin for a Dec. 21, 2010 incident.

During the possession case, the Huron County Sheriff's Office and Bellevue Police Department raided a Bellevue hotel. Officers seized a large amount of heroin, some prescription pills, suspected marijuana and various drug paraphernalia as evidence.

If Jones violates the terms of his three years of intense probation, he faces the remainder of his 17-month prison term. Conway ruled Monday that the defendant's time in Teen Challenge wouldn't count toward that.



Ok...wonder how long till he violates his probation???? These CRIMINALS need jail time! THey are not learning anything other than, do some time, get some rehab, and get OUT! Heck, who pays for the rehab???? The county? The taxpayers.....why should we pay for a criminal to goto rehab. NOONE pays for my treatments.

rocketman 51




Yall Make Me Sick

Deff need some new layers & a judge WITH SOME BALLS. This is crazy! He isn't even a teen he is 39 @ knows right from wrong. And it's not his first rodeo. Lets send an older person to a teen place so he can give them pointers or tell them not to do it look at me dude looks 50-60 years old.

Yall Make Me Sick

O ya & his girlfriend Angie is serving time cause she gave pills to a girl in huron county jail & the girl overdosed & died! Y'all need smacked!!!!


They just need to get there head out of there @$5
Judge ..... would be nice if we had a judge that knew wat was going on


the ` Teen Challenge ` program isnt just for teens. thats just the name of it. if it was just for teens do you honestly think the judge would put a 40 yr old with teenagers? duh.