Willard man arrested on drug charges

Heroin and heroin-related items found in vehicle stopped for having no license plate.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 6, 2012


A Willard man was arrested Monday on a pair of drug-related charges.

Dennis Myers, 29, of 837 Dale Drive, was pulled over by Huron County Sheriff's Deputy John Vogel in the city after Myers' vehicle was found to have no license plates.

It was later discovered the temporary license plate had fallen off the vehicle.

Vogel and Detective John Harris, who arrived a bit later, discovered heroin-related items in the vehicle and a small amount of suspected heroin.

"Mr. Myers made an admission that the items were his," Detective Josh Querin said.

"There were also some items found that require further investigation including old currency, jewelry and baseball cards," Querin said. "We're not sure if those were stolen or not."

Myers was charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug paraphernalia and was transferred to the Huron County Jail.


finally free

Goes to show how that crap screws up good ppl! I hope Dennis get the help he needs to overpower this horrible addition!!


He was a scrote years ago.....can't fix stupid.

Game time

What is up with all of these busts by the sheriff's office inside the city limits. No wonder their levy failed....