Judge Ridge to retire, spend time with family

Changes in the retirement rules forced his hand, judge says
Joe Centers
Dec 4, 2012


Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge will retire effective Dec. 31.

Ridge told the Reflector about his decision on Monday morning, shortly after informing his staff.

Ridge is in the second year of his fifth six-year term. He said when he ran the last time, he expected to finish out his term, but changes in the retirement rules forced his hand.

A story about Ridge's retirement was published on the front page of Monday's Reflector.




Swiss, do you find it ironic that on one hand you are saying that Judges should not be all knowing and on the other hand say that Judges decisions should not be overturned. Our system has checks and balances. If one judge makes a bad call, should it stand simply because a judge, who you state should not be all knowing and self riteous, made the call. Congratulations Judge Ridge, Swiss' view is in the minority by far.

Swamp Fox

Once again swissey proves my point........

hit the road jack

I have known this guy since he was in grade school,always was a good person,retire while you can,take the money and run(I would) but then again he may retire and then come back,who knows.