Norwalk man nabbed after armed robbery

Police say suspect burst into apartment, robbing three people at gunpoint.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 3, 2012


Norwalk police arrested an alleged armed robber Friday after he was identified in a photo lineup.

Randy Soto, 21, of 23 Newton St., Apt. 7-B, allegedly burst into a Newton Terrace apartment on Nov. 18 and robbed three individuals of a total of less than $300, according to Norwalk Police Sgt. Jim Fulton.

"He (Soto) was identified by one of the victims from a photo lineup and through other means," Fulton said.

"He (Soto) would not talk to us and asked for an attorney right away," Fulton added.

Another person could be involved, Fulton said.

"One other person might be charged in this," he said.

Fulton said Soto's original intent for being at the apartment was possibly drug-related but Soto "ended up robbing people."

Soto was charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.

"He pointed the gun at the victims -- that's why it's an aggravated robbery charge," Fulton said.

"Soto lives in the apartment complex," Fulton said. "This happened in building A and he lives in B."

Fulton said Soto does have a criminal record, "including stuff in Florida, too."

The gun was not recovered.

"Sgt. Seth Fry did a good job on this case," Fulton added.



What a surprise!


Sadly I had a feeling these kinds of things would be happening here, just like Sandusky. Thank god nobody was injured!


Today's Norwalk Reflector says that the police might have to do away with a police officer. After this incident I suggest eliminating the fire truck...crime is moving in!

jack langhals

A wise person !


Just put a sign near the door with a gun icon on it that says, "Welcome to my home. This door you are about to force open is locked for your protection, not mine."

free bird

What is Norwalk coming to? the next time some low-life gets in our garage or tries to get in the vehicle's,Im going out with my 9mm and just gonna start firing, sick and tired of these junkies breaking into homes, cars etc and getting away with it, at least this idiot was caught and identified.


Welcome to Mehico, gringos! Badgcthes? We don need no stinking badgcthes!