Troopers uncover counterfeit U.S. Currency

Lorain County traffic stop leads to pair of arrests.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 3, 2012


Two Cleveland men are facing felony charges after Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers seized $3,920 in counterfeit U.S. currency following a traffic stop on the Ohio Turnpike in Lorain County.

Troopers stopped a rented 2013 Ford Taurus, with Tennessee registration, for a marked lanes violation on the Ohio Turnpike, near milepost 134, at 9:41 p.m. Tuesday. Upon contact with the vehicle's occupants, the odor of burnt marijuana was detected. A probable cause search revealed three grams of marijuana and a partially burnt marijuana cigarette, along with the counterfeit currency. An agent with the U.S. Secret Service responded to the scene and confirmed the currency was in fact counterfeit.

The suspects were also in possession of newly purchased retail merchandise with receipts, most likely purchased fraudulently with the counterfeit money. The investigation is ongoing and the case is being considered for federal adoption.

The occupants, Eric Wilkerson, 21, and Joshua McKnight, 24, both of Cleveland, were incarcerated in the Lorain County Jail and charged with criminal simulation, a fifth-degree felony.

If convicted, they could each face up to one year in prison and up to a $2,500 fine.



If private citizens print currency, it's called counterfeiting. If the Federal Reserve prints increasingly worthless fiat currency, it's called money.

hit the road jack

My exact thoughts,the govt. has been printing counterfeit money for years.


Obviously, driving a personal vehicle with out of state plates in Ohio is considered "a marked lanes violation". "criminal indicators" will soon follow...

Swamp Fox

Ah yes the famous OSP subversion of the Constitution, "the marked lanes violation."

Game time

Did this happen in Norwalk? Get it out of the NORWALK REFLECTOR!


What an ignorant freakin' comment. Do you only want to know what happened down the block? Better turn off the TV and refuse mail and all/any news. Board up the windows and doors, too. GET OFF the internet while you're at it.

Dr. Information

Lets not worry about criminal indicators and what they are because obviously they are working. Keep up the good work.


My 78 yr old mom would have "criminal indicators", Dr. She gets very nervous when in intense situations. The woman has never had a ticket in her life, but if she was pulled over tomorrow and her car was searched, I promise you that I would have the most expensive POS productive lawyer on that cop's ass in a heart beat.