Kasich administration goes to bat for food stamp recipients

Cut to be reduced to only $23 per family
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 30, 2012


In this time when many families are still struggling to put food on the table as Ohio moves out of the recession, the Kasich Administration, through the leadership of the governor and ODJFS Director Michael Colbert, fought against a proposed $50 food stamp cut to families by the Federal Department of Agriculture.

This proposal was based on the warm winter experienced in 2012 and predicted lower energy and heating bills.

Colbert was able to convince the Agriculture Department to figure Ohio’s energy costs with a different formula that allowed the cut to be reduced to only $23 per family. This will still be a hardship for many families, but at least not as severe as $50 would have been. 



Oh my. 2-12packs of soda, bag of doritos, frozen pizza, and a tub of ice cream??.. Really seems like it a sacrifice. or maybe still get the food and have to cut back on some cell phone minutes? maybe have to stay home 1 nite during the month and watch a movie on HBO instead of the theatre. Maybe have to cut the HBO program..?? I could go on and on.

Kottage Kat

Some us actually use them sensibly. I went from the grand sum of 41.00 down to 16.00. Please do not lump all with the few. Guess I will make it, haven't had anything frivilous in 2 years. In Tibet, eating Llama. Be back soon to buy some tater chips.



Well??? at $41 are you starved?? $41 is more like a freebie.. If your sole survival is based on $41. at $16. YOUR DIED! am i reading you right?

Yall Make Me Sick

It's your DEAD not DIED!


let them go to a soup kitchen. Make them eat whats on the menu. bet it wouldnt take long to find a job, or save the money used to get tat or piercing to buy food.


Most people on food stamps HAVE jobs. The ignorance and stupidity on these boards astounds me. Dr. LackofInformation, InContagonent, Armcorn, Langhals...Its as though you all get together and decide: "What can we write today that was even more idiotic than we wrote yesterday?"


From the article:

"...a proposed $50 food stamp cut to families by the Federal Department of Agriculture."

Ain't it good that Gov. Kasich is stopping Pres. Obama from taking food outa the mouth of poor struggling families?

jack langhals

Gee,I wonder why that wasn't made public before election !


Kasich has about a 30% approval rating...he saw how Ohio voted...now he suddenly cares for the poor?

hit the road jack

Probably for the same reason that Boeing was going to lay off 2300+ people and he didn't want it made public before elections,they have to give 30 or 60 days notice to employees and Obie said if they wait till after elections to notify employees, govt. would pick up the bill(pay the fines) for not notifying them soon enough.


Food stamps are a joke, good for the people that need them and dont abuse them, but all to often I here about the scum who sell them for .50 cent on the dollar to make money, that pisses me off, thats my hard earned money they are making profit off of. You know who you are people, low lifes!!!!!

Dr. Information

But waittttttt. I have to believe those voters who voted for Obama have to be confused, a republican fighting for the rights of the poor and it's abused system? It's going to get worse people and this go round you can't go blaming Bush.

jack langhals

Bozo isn't worry about it.He's going on a 4 million dollar vacation.That should pretty much give him The Guinness on vacations by a pres.


Interesting news from your tea party reality distortion field, Jack.

"So far, President Obama has taken 61 vacation days after 31 months in office. At this point in their presidencies, George W. Bush had spent 180 days at his ranch where his staff often joined him for meetings. And Ronald Reagan had taken 112 vacation days at his ranch.

Among recent presidents, Bill Clinton took the least time off -- 28 days."



@ kal-el:

Better figure in Mrs. Obama's solo vacations and the cost differentials between hangin' out in Crawford, TX and Hawaii.

I've been to both and 'trust me,' Hawaii is much nicer.


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Who says Obama needs any vacation days?
He is out in Airforce One at least twice a week flying all over the world burning our tax money.


I agree with you, Ask Greece how they are doing now. and to the people who voted for Obama . Dont cry, things are going to get worse, and No i am not a prophet of gloom and doom, Socialism/Marxism never works

Yall Make Me Sick

There is a difference when a family really needs them or just abuses the system. Feed your kids with them instead of trying to sell them for $ or drugs. Or how about being honest & tell the welfare office your NOT homeless or lying about working instead get paid under the table & that you just choose to hop from place to place & that you've got into drugs & sell your food stamps to benefit your habit! Lets be honest here! People make me so dang mad! You got people who really could use them but your selfish self decides to abuse them!! This is the kind of crap that makes me MAD!!!!

jack langhals

I feel bad for the real needy.I am sure there are many that are in real need to feed their family legitimately.When I worked for the county I transported very few.most were violators.They were waiting for a buyer on Thursday Nite to come for their meds and food stamps.The Job Store People I would take on an interview would say," I made sure they wouldn't hire me."When I would go back and tell JFS,they would tell me to shut up,that is confidential information.That place is a Snake Pit.They just made another promotion out there to a person that does a terrible job.


More words of kindness and love from the forum's "model Christian." Snake pit? Way to look out for the poor. Jesus would be proud.


LOL!!! Read the Bible much? Christ advocated GIVING freely to the poor. He did not however advocate forced giving, where one man, or a tax collector takes money from a person (theft) and hands over to someone else. In fact, if you actually read the Bible you will see the numerous admonitions and the disdain Christ had for tax collectors. You see, even Christ saw the corruption that was bred from taxes. Now, just as then the money is plundered from the working and then used to support the pet projects of the rich ruling class (politicians) which usually only benefits them. Liberals always distort the Bible when they think it can prove a point, but then feign atheism when the Bible proves them wrong.


@ KD:

The Progs like to confuse Jesus w/ Robin Hood, while completely forgetting that the mythical RH stole from the govt. (King and Church) and gave the money back to the taxpayers (the poor).


At least the liberals actually have READ the Bible.


@ betrump:

Nah, wrong "Bible."

"From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs," is from your Progressive Messiah Karl Marx.


Even Jesus wouldn't want to be a "modern day Christian"....


Wow, my mother who is disabled and worked most of her 74 years, now gets $16.00 worth of food stamps a month, and you want to cut it $23.00?
Wow, so much for a 10th generation American working to get just a mere $16.00 in food stamps! Guess she should go change her name in Mexico, and come back and get hundreds of dollars in free goverment aid!


What do you think Boehner and company mean when they say they are going to "cut entitlements?" This is exactly what it means.


@kal-el, what world are you living in? The last approval ratings have Kasich's approval rating at 52%. Geez, does someone need to show you how to do a simple google search before you pull numbers out of your backside?

LOL. Noticed you changed your post after I called you out.

Dr. Information

Oh I get it now. No matter what happens it will always be the Repubocans fault. Wow, thanks for clearing that up for all of us.