Parents of quadruplets in need of items

Norwalk native gave birth to four babies on Thanksgiving.
Aaron Krause
Dec 7, 2012


Norwalk native and Grand Rapids resident Kasha (Martinez) Donnelly and her husband, Greg, recently had quadruplets and would appreciate any merchandise people would be willing to donate.

A front-page story about the Donnellys was published last week in the Reflector.

The couple needs diapers of any size, bedding for cribs, a Pack N Play set, baby towels, bottle warmers, four baby swing sets, swaddlers, baby shoes, baby walkers and two more crib mattresses. They also would appreciate gift cards from people who wish to help but are unsure what to give.

Those who wish to donate can send items to Kasha's father and stepmother, Rudy and Sue Martinez, at 114 Fairway Circle, Norwalk, Ohio 44857 or to her mother, Maria Martinez and her boyfriend, Alan Wilcox, at 42 Cline St., Apt. A, Norwalk, Ohio 44857.

Other family living in the area include Kasha's paternal grandparents, Frank and Trinity Martinez and sister Stacy Sanchez.


Dr. Information

So because they were native of the Norwalk area they want Norwalk people to donate to them? If you cannot afford children, then you shouldn't get pregnant.


You've got to be kidding? We probably already paid for the birth, and will likely continue to support the kids through welfare. Here's a novel idea, don't have kids that you can't afford. The father needs to get to work and work as many jobs as possible so he can support the kids. If he doesn't do what it takes, then what does that say about him. Geez, people just don't have any shame anymore that they now will contact the newspaper begging for handouts.


I need a new pair of shoes and a dental checkup,,, gee,, can I have gift cards??


I will donate to Abigail Pregnancy Service(on Laylin Rd) or the clothes bank(On Water St)...every comment so far is TRUE! my money and baby items will go to LOCALS! not someone who chose to move away and now asking for help! haha!


You people are just PLAIN rude and maybe prejudice. Nowhere in this story does it say the husband does not work or that they are on Welfare. Who would dream that when they got pregnant they would have 4 babies at one time?? You 3 need to get a life!!! And no I do not know them or anything about them.


Make that 4!!!


I have an the Doctor that helped create this financial burdon! We here in Norwalk have a shiney new fire engine to work ourselves to death for!!

jack langhals

Did it wear out because of mileage, or too many wash jobs ?

Mom of 2 boys

Benedict, I agree with you! If they don't want to donate, don't donate!! People will criticize no matter what. If she would have aborted them, they would have something to say, if she would leave them on a stoop or at a hospital, they would say something. For Pete's sake, we are all human and some struggle more than others. We have had hard times, we have had blessed times. I don't forget to do what I can when others are struggling. Some are negative no matter what.


They have alot of family, let them help instead of going to newspaper, it's tacky. It's like that woman a couple of years ago, who wanted to go out to California for weightloss and wanted money so she came to the NR.



"jack langhals"..probably neither. My guess is they were promised a new fire station on that great land deal. Since there is no chance in holy @ell of that happening anytime soon, this is just an expensive toy for them to play with and keep them happy!


I , for one, don't blame people for being skeptical... this time of year is a big one for scams, and people counting on bleeding hearts. Too many people have been duped and taken advantage of. After all, this couple doesn't live in the area and they do have relatives that shoiuld help. Shouldn't the town in which they reside in help?

There's just too many people trying to get something for nothing.


All I can say is "Wow" If you don't want to donate then just keep your negative comments to yourself.

Good 2 B Me

Usually (NOT ALWAYS) people that have a litter of children do it medically instead of naturally. That being said, I am guessing that this might be the case here, although I could be wrong. If that is the case, the parents know up front that they could have a lot of children at one time. Knowing that, perhaps they should have planned a little better before setting out on such a busy journey. They have their hands full, but I also had 4 kids. No one donated anything to me. I had to go out and work to pay for them.

By the way, I am not saying not to donate. I am saying that they had time to plan. 9 months can be an eternity.


I agree with Good 2 B me....not many "natural" quads are born. They had the money to pay for the fertility treatments, they should have been ready for multiples. I am a mother of multiples and they were ALL NATURAL, but only twins and a complete SHOCK to our whole family. I didn't ask for help, other than a baby shower and family buying diapers that was it.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

ladydye_5, there were originally five, but one of them didn't make it.


ladydye_5 -I totally agree with you!!! These ppl don't even live in our state!!


Wow, why is this a story? Everyone needs or wants something, but they don't run a story in the paper asking for it.

swiss family

I can sure feel that warm tingly Christmas magic flowing out of the kind hearts of the locals...If you don't want to give...DON"T!!...but, believe it or not, many people, especially at this loving time of the year, are actually looking for someone to know how they say "it is better to give than to receive"???well I guess some on here will never know that great feeling...that is too bad

it is sadly amusing to see so many hypocrites... people scream and shout about how abortion is so awful, so you would think that everyone would be happy and willing to help to support these people if at all possible...but obviously NOT. You do realize too that IF they did use fertilization... usually that might create several fetus's at a time, so now they have to decide which ones to "kill" to pare the correct number down to a workable number.. But I can hear the empty headed , "do gooders" saying "don't kill any of them, you can not play God.. there are people and places that would help you if you gave birth to all of them... well OBVIOUSLY NOT in Norwalk

Good 2 B Me

Not sure how plausible it is to abort when there are multiple babies. I am not a Doctor either, so it might be possible. I just don't know. I would guess that someone that might be taking fertility drugs would be willing to have an entire litter and not abort any of them. I am jsut saying that they knew that this could happen and should have planned a little better.


19 kids and counting. TLC pays them to stay alive. Frip those who have kids to beg for $$.

I officially deleted TLC from my cable channel lineup a few months ago after watching the midgets in a battle, and seeing "say yes to the dress" just after and "baby story" after that and then 19 kids and counting.

Where does the "learning" part come into The Learning Channel?