Sheriff: Pushy salesmen not raising money for his department

People are soliciting local businesses about supporting the upcoming Shop with a Cop program.
Cary Ashby
Nov 29, 2012


Pushy sales representatives who are soliciting local businesses about supporting the upcoming Shop with a Cop program have been saying they are affiliated with the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Dane Howard said that's not the case. He has received numerous complaints from area business owners who have called him about the situation.

"They don't represent this office in any way," Howard said about the sales people. "This is the third year this has occurred."

The Huron County Lodge 185 of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) is sponsoring the annual Shop with a Cop program. The event happens Dec. 9 at the Norwalk Walmart.

During Shop with a Cop, needy children are paired with officers and use a gift card to buy necessary items such as clothing or health care items. The children also can buy toys.

Howard said the sales representatives in question are claiming they are affiliated with his office when they should be saying they're trying to raise money for the FOP.

"The money goes to our local kids; that's a fact," the sheriff said.

Any of the business employees being solicited about Shop with a Cop who have questions should call their local FOP representatives.



FOP 185, and local officers will shop on Saturday December 8th, at 1PM.


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Humm maybe these salesmen are trying to raise money for the cruiser that was accidently shot during firearms qualification by Det. J.H.. There was no article in the NR. This would be a good article for NR to look into.